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      New Discord Server   02/03/18

      We are starting a discord for general chat, all older discords are no longer needed, if you want to see common announcements relating to the server, staff, development, etc. Or want to ask questions that will be answered by any of us, or you just want to chat with people, you can join here! https://discord.gg/Se8DzCr
    • Repentz

      Takistan Server Information   02/08/18

      Takistan server is live, click the link below to find out more    
    • Sean Black

      Staff Applications open for AU   02/18/18

      Hello guys! Staff applications are currently open for people living in Australia or New Zealand! Pretty much AU timezone!

      - Anthony Lannister
      Head Administrator
      PSISYN Enterprises.
    • Repentz

      Major store changes   02/19/18

      Cheaper prices, new options, check it out:    
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    • If they use something like lag switch or remove their ethernet cable they can ram you and blow you up whatever you do. No way to avoid it.
    • Name: Cookie Martinez Role: Civilian Is this suggestion for the teamspeak / website / game server?: For the game server What is your suggestion?: Make the First Aid Kits cheaper maybe $100 How will your suggestion improve the community / server?: Well i believe i speak for alot of people when i say that if we dont have atleast 3 of these First Aid Kits on us while driving in the hills at high speed we would certainly die by crashing into a bush and i believe having 3 First Aid Kits will not be possible with them being at $500 because alot of people would believe its not worth it. Any images or videos of your suggestion?: Do you think this will cause any bugs / errors?: No  
    • Name: Cookie Martinez Role: Civilian Is this suggestion for the teamspeak / website / game server?: For the server What is your suggestion?: Add the Kobra and PSO sights back into the store for the AK47, if possible maybe more sights for the AK variants How will your suggestion improve the community / server?: Well it will help civilians compesate for the lack of accuracy most AK's have with there stock sights. Any images or videos of your suggestion?: Do you think this will cause any bugs / errors?: I dont think so since this was in the server around 15 minutes ago before the restart.  
    • Your In-Game Name:Bobby Jim   Your SteamID64:76561198313992962   Your Age:14   Your Date of Birth: June 19 2003   How long have you been apart of the Community for?: about a week or two on takistan around four months because of the other life malden server.   Why do you want to join Takistan Security Forces? (100 Words+): Because It is like a cop but your in takistan I love the cops in real life maybe want to be one I like everything bout it when you get into those high speed chases to stopping robberys It is all so enjoyable for me.But I am not in this for just me I am here to serve the people of takistan I want to stop crime that goes on in the city there is tons and tons of it I play tons and tons of PsiSyn So I am always active and can be on to stop crime and make the game enjoyable for people because there does need to be a balance between cops and civs I can be a TSF and stop that crime that goes On All in All it seems really fun I love the server  And cops So really I want to help stop the nasty criminals Of takistan.   What skills do you have that will benefit the Takistan Security Forces? (75 Words+): Well lets start off with my great Rp skills In total i Have 2500 hours on Arma all on Roleplay servers life Then around 200 on garrys mod All on police rp So that has given me So many skills to Rp with I can take a situation where someone is in rasman and says Im gonna blow it up I will actually take this account unlike what I saw yesterday I wouldn't be a dick about it and be like omg omg omg omg I would handle it as if it was real also taking it into account its probably some anoyyig 12 year old Ok back to the point Im great at Rp I also have a great shot with weapons I have a clear microphone I have leadership skills so if I am rolling with two guys and were under fire and im the higher rank I will calmly Tell them what to do To save are lives Which leads Me into the next Thing I am very Calm and Chill I know how to deal with things after all I  have seen alot in my 2500 hours on arma So yea to summarize I am great at RP I have  A great shot I Have good leadership skills I am Calm and Chill  I also know what Im doing Because i have tons of experience as a officer.   Do you have any experience at being a Police Officer? If so, state your previous ranks and what you did: Yes Im just going to state my Police roles on Arma On a very populated server called orion life It got around 100 people I was a ofc then shutdown to altis life So I quit Also on evox network I was A corporal On ESN I was A SNR   Have you ever received warning points or a ban on this community? If so, state how many points or bans and what for:No.   Do you understand that TSF High Command reserve the right to terminate your contract with the Security Forces at any given time with or without reason?:Yes   Do you understand that if you fail to follow standard operating procedures then you may receive a strike or a contract termination at any given time by a superior officer?:Yes Thankyou for taking your time to look at my TSF Application Have a great day :)
    • Name: Aladeen Najail Role: Gang Is this suggestion for the teamspeak / website / game server?: Server What is your suggestion?: I have multiple suggestions I am going to list here the first being to remove the force spawn after six minutes to give medics a longer opportunity to do their job and get their fair share of roleplay while also allowing more time to be picked up after a gunfight. Gunfights can last from 2-20 minutes and I find it poorly rewarding to die and be force re-spawned even if your group whether it be cops or gang win. My second suggestion is to re-add the death chat logs as it is very confusing to know what is going on in situations, I get the whole immersive aspect of the removal of logs but if people wanted to meta game there are multiple other ways to do so regardless. The death logs may add unwanted clutter to the HUD but can always be removed of resized by the player them-self. Also a key bind to use medkits like shift+b would be nice.    How will your suggestion improve the community / server?: These suggestions will improve the community by giving players a better sense of what is going on in situations and feeling rewarded if their factions wins a firefight and disappointing and in jail if they do not.  Any images or videos of your suggestion?: Do you think this will cause any bugs / errors?: None  
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PsiSyn.com is a modded Arma 3 life server, which is currently based on the map Takistan. The server is un-whitelisted and consists of many custom features.

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