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      New Discord Server   02/03/18

      We are starting a discord for general chat, all older discords are no longer needed, if you want to see common announcements relating to the server, staff, development, etc. Or want to ask questions that will be answered by any of us, or you just want to chat with people, you can join here! https://discord.gg/Se8DzCr
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      Takistan Server Information   02/08/18

      Takistan server is live, click the link below to find out more    
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      Staff Applications open for AU   02/18/18

      Hello guys! Staff applications are currently open for people living in Australia or New Zealand! Pretty much AU timezone!

      - Anthony Lannister
      Head Administrator
      PSISYN Enterprises.
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      Major store changes   02/19/18

      Cheaper prices, new options, check it out:    


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    Lewis Supporter (Permanent) Giveaway ! 3.0 Winner wil be drawn using a random name picker to pick a name from list of people who have liked and commented on this post. Ill post a screenshot to provide proof who won the giveaway Winner will be drawn the 7th of February around 9PM GMT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Congratz @Mert Vladimirovich you won the giveaway ! Contact me and we will sort thing out :) (CBA to post proof just picked a random comment) Goodluck !
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    MODPACK UPDATE REQUIRED USING OUR REPO IT WILL BE SLOW PROBABLY Thanks to @Ducky and @Jimbo for all the help with this update and others Moved bank to OG position just above checkpoint Disabled fatigue Checkpoint has been completely reworked Moved regular civ spawn up north more, moved exclusion zone to old spawn position Added gun store just west of new civ spawn Added new vehicle pack for TSF/EMS Added more gang clothing Added virtual medikits Made 1 drug dealer instead of two Fixed gang money storage Added Igla to Very Illegal Explosives shop Increased prices of launchers, suicide vest, demo charge Walls have a timer to be blown up now, takes 60 seconds, NATO are informed as soon as its planted, limit of 3 Added a medical clothing shop with options Fixed suicide vest height issue Fixed FPS glitch with surrendering Gang upgrading fixed Fixed player/vehicle markers showing on map Removed CPR kits from regular markets Civ slots upgraded to 90
  3. 8 points
    Want to win a Steam Gift Card worth $50? This is what you need to do! 1. Like this post 2. Comment your name 3. Follow my profile (anonymous follows wont count) Follow these 3 steps and you can win! This post will be locked 25th January 12.00AM CET And winner will be drawn 26th January at 10.00PM CET I will pick a random name in a random name picker. Proof will be posted.
  4. 8 points
    Mission file only Added a new Phone UI With some new options soon to come Added a new checkpoint for NATO Added quite a few new civilian vehicles Added many new rebel vehicles, including .50 cal vehicles, SPMG mounted offroads etc Added some new weapons clothing etc for NATO Removed bugatti, smart car from TSF, plan to remove more for a more 'realistic feel'
  5. 8 points
    Added CPR kits Added rob able gang storages around the map, you can get money from them, good money. Added check for roleplay names Fixed drug dealer locations Main implementation of wall charges for blowing up parts of the border wall, will be working next update Made Main spawn and rebel into safezones Gang markers Working on Govenor system, eta not available Working on New phone, with new systems like questing and much more.
  6. 6 points
    Mission file only You cannot hypothetically die inside vehicles from collisions anymore, you can from explosions\bullets. [Ducky, Jimbo] Police do not lose clothing on death [Repentz] Added Threat level system for police [Repentz] Minor changes to checkpoint [Jimbo] Can now lockpick large gates at checkpoint [Jimbo] Jail now works properly [Jimbo] New script for healing self, also can scroll wheel heal other players [Repentz] Receive zipties back after un restraining [Jimbo]
  7. 5 points
    Mission file only Questioning drug dealers [Jimbo] Gear should now sync with server to stop players from their gear not showing to others [Jimbo] Day/Night cycle faster [Jimbo] Double revive fee [Jimbo] Blufor check for threat level [Jimbo] NATO shops reworked [NATO command] Large gates fixed at checkpoint [Jimbo] Made some drugs buyable [Jimbo]
  8. 4 points
    Mission file only Revised weapon shops completely, new weapons for everyone, new prices, 3d shop, and more. If you have any complaints leave a suggestion on forums Exclusion zone same stores for now, plan on revising it soon for a new feature Added xp for reviving as medic, and sound Added xp for suicide vest Added lenco bearcat to TSF Increased paycheck price
  9. 4 points
    Mission file only Big thanks to Jimbo, ducky, and jance for all the help ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKILL SYSTEM Added in skill system, you can open it in the y menu, adds quite a few cool features Medical perk, which allows you to use medikits more efficiently, heal yourself more, and heal fully on final perk Anti recoil, up to 20% Processing faster Lockpicking faster New spawn zones as perks, including spawning at Rebel if unlocked, Nagara if unlocked, and finally exclusion zone spawn Plan to add alot more, give feedback please You can gain xp by buying vehicles, lockpicking, processing items, and doing trucking missions at Freight Yards Fixed/reworked freight yards, they now give you good money, especially illegal ones, and give by far the most xp on the server Cops can search illegal trucks and it's a crime to do illegal trucking missions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER SHIT NATO must now have civilians revoke their rebel licenses to go past checkpoint, they can do it at the same spawn you get passports fixed bar gates at checkpoint Overhaul to spawn system to include skill system Blufor can now remove barriers others placed with scrollwheel Cleaned up map removing unneeded text Added a gun store, clothing, etc to Nagara as a perk for unlocking the spawn Surrender is now Shift + B Removed global bans from infistar, will still log you though Added a few more checks to infistar, expect mass false positive banning, maybe Threat level blufor only Fixed CPR instant revive Gang money storage now has 5 minute cooldown Edited some shops for TSF
  10. 4 points
    Mission file only Better unflipping implemented Mines explode if/when your suicide vest explodes if you planted them Object view distance now works in sync with view distance in settings menu VIP in names now only works for VIP Surrender bug fixed
  11. 4 points
    Fixed Medic spawning in Added VIP clothing and vests shops Nerfed krokodil price slightly Nerfed gold bar price Lowered price of helicopters by half or more Added more spots to potentially cross the border Added more cars for civilian car shop Added realistic clothing to civ spawn Items and cash now drop on death
  12. 3 points
    This is required for this update: Replaced CUP vehicles, weapons, clothing with other stuff (more to come just give us time) Replaced some modern cars with abruzzi cars, which slide a lot less Redid checkpoint to support a more "militartized" environment, including, NATO weapon shops and AA & MG turrets you cannot disassemble Hopefully fixed CPR kits Fixed medkits Can now damage players while shooting out of vehicles Fixed talking inside tanks
  13. 2 points
    Mission file only Added high end carshop just northeast of checkpoint Added Fixed Drones to NATO Reverted two scripts which we assumed might cause lag Added RPG to NATO Corp Added two new NATO UAV operator slots
  14. 2 points
    PsiSyn.com Official Rules Server Rules override SOPs. Staff have final say in every situation. Use Common Sense Link to Punishment Document General Rules Never advertise other Arma Communities Do not advertise any other TeamSpeak servers within our community You are required to speak fluent English when playing on the server. If you are unable to do so then we can not accept you into the community. Asking for support in the chatbox will result in a chatbox ban Lying to staff is not tolerated You must treat all members with mutual respect if not punishments can be made depending on the situation. We have no age limit however homophobic comments, toxicity, discrimination, racism or acting in a manner that is deemed highly offensive at any time is not tolerated and may result in a permanent ban Some forum sections may have their own rules which will be posted in a pinned thread You may not witch hunt people (Get them in trouble just because you got in trouble) - Staff Discretion. Entering Debug Zone is not tolerated. Excessive harassment of streamers will result in a 3-day ban. For example continuously saying their name or following them around. Racism in-game (Whether within roleplay or not) is never tolerated Going AFK while on as any faction with the purpose of gaining money is not tolerated You must have a valid roleplay name to play the server. “E.g. George Nellist”. (This means only a first name and last name!) You must have the same roleplay name across all of your PSISYN accounts (In-Game, Teamspeak, Forums) You can not put any symbols or any form of non-alphabetical characters in your roleplay name in-game. Along with gang tags. Abusing loopholes within the rules is not tolerated If you have received two ingame bans within the community, you will be removed from any current faction e.g. TSF, NATO, EMS, and will have to regain that position. You will have to reapply after 60 days. Donating does not give you any abilities to dodge punishments etc. Donations are also non-refundable. You can't roleplay "rape". Section 1.0 Cheating/Hacking/Exploiting Using any kind of cheat, script or hack that gives you an advantage over other players is not permitted Using any kind of exploit is not permitted, this includes but is not limited to: Duping Items/Money - Will always result in a perm If you receive or find obscene amounts of money, you must collect evidence of how you got it in case you are flagged up by the anti-dupe. Abusing any kind of bug to your own advantage Using Macros / Auto Clickers Using the vault, jump or any other mechanic to walk through the wall of a building, window or closed door Abusing your whitelisting obtain TSF/ NATO weapons or items to use as a civilian or issue out to other civilians Taking items from dead bodies You can not buy cop gear from the stores and then swap to civ to use them You can not own or use any items or vehicles that are no longer obtainable in the server (IE. Suppressors, Weapons, Scopes , Cars - not attainable by PD or Civilians currently) Section 1.1 Initiation Rules There must be verbal initiation before you or your initiated group can engage in gunplay. Some exemptions are listed below To initiate you must have a visible firearm out Initiation lasts for 10 minutes; anything over the period requires re-initiation unless a firefight is activity happening. To initiate on someone in a car, they must be going under 60 km/h You can only initiate inside of a vehicle if you are sitting in a seat in which you can fire from. You cannot initiate gun play with anyone when you are restrained. Example: Telling TSF/ NATO that they need to let you go or they will be shot. No initiation is required in the Exclusion Zone to engage in gun-play Group Initiation You have to be wearing the same clothing (clothes and vest) to initiate as a group, you also have to be within 500m radius to be valid within the initiation. (TSF/ NATO) When you initiate on the police, it does not mean you initiate on the entire TSF or NATO forces as this is a random death match. The initiation would only be towards units involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup. Exemptions TSF/ NATO may shoot civilians with a visible weapon out within 200m radius of the Border Wall if they show a direct threat to the borders integrity without initiation, If someone is shot without posing a threat then they may punished for RDM. Helis/Planes within 200m radius of Border Walls can be given warning shots. If they fail to leave the area they can be shot down, if they are not contactable on air frequency, 60.3 Using a helicopter to block the path of another helicopter taking off is classed as initiation. Players that are within the same gang as the heli pilot are allowed to open fire on the heli blocking their path Being in a TSF/ NATO chase which has lasted longer than 5 minutes means there is initiation between police and the vehicle being chased. individuals not in the car being chased must initiate separately If you are being VDM’ed intentionally this counts as initiation, you may fire at the vehicle. This does not include general road accidents or yourself acting in a way to get hit by vehicles. You must be sure it's intentional VDM as you killing them may be RDM which is still punishable. People giving out your location or running around in the fire fight can be shot without initiation by TSF/NATO and Civilians, this includes medics. You are responsible for your own initiation, if you are in whisper and the initiation cannot be heard, that is your fault Section 1.2 Random Deathmatching (RDM) RDM - Random Death Match is defined as shooting at another player without engaging in any form of appropriate roleplay or without any reason If a group member of yours is RDM’ed, or another player attempts to RDM you, this counts as one-way initiation meaning you can return fire, however this only counts towards the player or players firing at you. You must give a minimum of 10 seconds for someone to comply with your reasonable demands before shooting, unless they are clearly not complying with the demands set out to them. Section 1.3 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) Vehicle Deathmatch is defined as using your vehicle to run people over, ram other vehicles in or outside of combat, or with the intent to cause an explosion. TSF/NATO can S1 (desync ram) vehicles which are fleeing. If you are being chased by TSF/NATO you can brake check or counter S1. You can VDM in self defense, if someone is shooting at you or threatens to do so. You can use your vehicle to try and block in another vehicle to stop them from escaping After a head on vehicle collision with no prior roleplay, the parties involved can not kill or rob each other or bring about harm in any other way, any other party may take advantage of this as they desire (unless a said person is associated with the gangs [if applicable] involved in the crash) Section 1.4 Metagaming/Out of Character/Powergaming Metagaming is an action where the player makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but the character is not meant to be aware of If you are playing on the server or providing information to players in game by and watching a stream this is metagaming GoPro/Footage/screenshots etc can not be used as evidence in an UN/NATO/TSF punishment if the provider of the evidence was killed and not revived by UN/NATO/TSF/CIV. If killed the provider must show they were revived for the evidence to be usable. (You must acquire the perpetrators name using in game methods and not kill logs or death screen) Stream sniping is a bannable offence. If you are playing on our server and are watching a stream even if you may not be using the information it is still metagaming Demoting/Blacklisting from factions must be due to in-game issues or RP related circumstances. You may not demote/blacklist players from your faction for anything not pertaining directly to your faction or training of your faction. Doing so is considered metagaming and is not allowed. Powergaming is acting out an action which you cannot physically do in game, eg i’m holding a knife to your neck If you are ziptied or restrained you can not use your radio You are able to destroy someone's gopro or recording device by breaking the device rendering it unrecoverable for punishments. You must knockout/tackle that individual clearly stating you are breaking their recording devices. Hospitals/TSF,NATO HQ’S/Checkpoint (within the main perimeter walls) are equipped with CCTV. Any Youtube/Stream etc footage recorded within these areas can be used within RP scenarios (even if the individual is killed) Using 3rd Party Communication is prohibited if being used to communicate with another player who is currently in the server and using it to your advantage (Steam, Discord & other Teamspeak servers). Using to your advantage as an example would be communicating to find each other, notifying your friends you're being robbed etc. This must be done via in game communications only. Going out of Character is talking about things which your character doesn't know about or fits into roleplay. Examples are I'm going to the gods This is a green zone Are we initiated, is that initiation Playing soundboards Section 1.5 New Life Rule You are not allowed to return to your death location for 15. Your character does not remember any information from your previous life nor are you allowed to revenge the people that killed you. You still remember friends. You cannot remember any information from a previous life once dead. If you die due to RDM/VDM or a glitch, you may return and remember what happened. Once you’ve been picked up by a medic, you may not return to combat or become involved in the situation that resulted in your death unless under direct threat. (I.e, someone initiating on you) If you have been picked up by a medic, you cannot remember your previous life. If a civilian is arrested they can remember their previous life for the purposes of their legal defense If you were cpr’d by a civilian or TSF/NATO, you remember your previous life. Section 1.6 Gang/Group Rules You can only patrol with a maximum of 10 people in your group. When you initiate on a group/gang, it does not mean you initiate on every gang member as this is a random deathmatch. The initiation would only be towards the gang members involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup. (Same uniform and vest) Group initiation only exists within 300m of an active RP situation unless when they are committing a Major crime. Gang strikes are explained in the gang section of the forums Gang members must wear a tag before their name in order to be claimed apart of a gang. For example: PSI SYN Gang = [PSI]Jake Keeble / you should not have is as [PSI] Rct. J. Keeble or [PSI] Rct. Jake. K your full Roleplay name must be in your title. Section 1.7 Standards of Roleplay (Fail RP) You must have a good reason for the things you are doing and have a good story to back it up. The story must have some thought put into it. For example I want to start a fight or I want to get into a TSF/NATO chase because I can are not good reasons. If you die in a firefight to TSF/NATO and are revived by a medic, TSF/NATO can restrain you after being picked up. You can not resist! After robbing a person, you must wait 15 minutes before you can rob the same individual again. You can’t play music while in restraints! You can't play music while in jail if a officer removes your audio devices You can only shackle someone’s feet after restraining them. Jumping into or out of a vehicle while it is unlocked is allowed, unless the kidnapper/officer informs you that they have “Put your seatbelt on”. You must not purposely bait players. For example, deliberately driving in and out of the TSF/NATO HQ to have an officer initiate on you so you can shoot or rob them etc. You cannot rob players after you have killed them, you must wait 15 minutes before you can rob the same person again Once you have been revived by EMS you are in their custody. You have been seriously injured and must RP as such. Ignoring EMS or evading their custody is not tolerated. If you have been taken hostage you should follow the demands of the person who kidnapped you, If they feel you're not valuing your life by ignoring simple instructions you can be killed. You can not force players to interact with ATM's or Stores when you have taken them hostage or robbing them TSF/NATO can not CPR civilians they intend to arrest/detain/search(except in the exemption situation) Civilians may CPR people who are not in their group but they are not allowed to Zip-tie, Rob, Kill or Kidnap once they've been revived. You cannot spam or abuse the 911 call system - it is unrealistic and punishable as marked in-game on the 911 message display Value of Life - Fail RP As this is a video game people can respawn and deaths are meaningless beyond physical item loses. Therefore there are several rules to encourage reasonable responses to situations. You must always value your life, if someone initiates on you while you are at a clear disadvantage and by not following their demands will most likely end in death (such as not having cover or having your back to the other person) you should surrender and comply to their demands, some examples are You have a gun in your hands but someone has a gun to the back of your head telling you to put your hands up You have your gun holstered and someone tells you to put your hands up while they have their gun pointed at you You are stationary as a driver in a vehicle and someone points a gun at you from the driver side asking you to step out and surrender. You must have a very good RP reason to blow up a suicide vest and they can only be used in Major Crimes otherwise you may be punished for NVL. Section 1.8 Green Zone Rules You may only commit non-violent crimes within a green zone (eg, Selling weapons) No crimes can be committed within spawns The following have a 15m Green zones around them Civilians Spawns ATM's (only physical models) TSF/NATO Spawn/HQ Grounds Red Cross Spawn/Hospital Grounds Terrorist Hideout Excessive trashing talking and baiting within a greenzone voids the Green Zone for any person involved. If you flee into the Green zone, the Green Zone is voided for any persons involved. If you commit a non-violent crime within a greenzone the greenzone is void for the parties involved and police can attempt to arrest/detain You are not allowed to camp outside of a safe-zone for more than 5 minutes waiting for a user to come out of the safe-zone. Section 1.9 Police Rules Officers must try their best to roleplay even when civilians are in jail and must not just restrict them to their cells unless having a good reason. Officers can only restrain civilians if they: Have their hands on their head On the floor If the officer is behind them. Knocked out or Tazed. TSF/NATO command cannot be corrupt as they are acting as IA in a sense if you see corruption report it to them You can not give out police weapons or equipment as part of corruption- this includes vehicles (exclusive to TSF/NATO), virtual items (exclusive to TSF/NATO), clothing (exclusive to TSF/NATO) and weapons. TSF/NATO must not close the bank vault until all members of the bank robbery and been killed, restrained or left (10 minutes after combat has ended.). TSF/NATO are only allowed to spike strip moving vehicles TSF/NATO have the authorisation to engage suspicious helicopters/planes flying in restricted airspaces if they are not contactable on air frequency, 60.3. DOC is an example of a restricted air space. If TSF/NATO offers free passage they have to honor it (the maximum they have to honor by the rules is 1km), they cannot begin to shoot after free passage has been given. However, they can chase after the suspects once the hostage has been secured and engage in combat later on in the 10-80. NATO and High Command are the only departments authorized to raid Black Market and Rebel All other departments may only respond to a Black Market if a unit has died there. TSF/NATO may only raid the Black Market 30mins before and after restart" and "If caught or failed to capture, cops must not re-try to capture for another 45mins. If your face is clearly visible in evidence provided to Command - UID numbers can be used to identity you. (Wear a mask that only shows your eyes or completely hides your face to avoid identification) Red Cross Rules At no point can you claim to a medic that you have double tapped someone. Medics can judge someone whether they can be revived or not. If the civilian is being sent to prison while in medical custody, you must ask the police officer to escort you to the hospital. This is Fail RP Red Cross cannot carry any weapons Red Cross can not sell Red Cross clothing or gear to cops or civilians You can not kill or rob a medic or steal their vehicles. If a medic is combat reviving and continues to do it after being warned you may kill them Medics may not revive during combat or 2 minutes after the battle has ended and has been deemed code four by the cops at the situation. Medics are not allowed to enter any rebel capture points that are currently in the process of being captured. Only Red Cross can wear Red Cross clothing Medics can not resuscitate a player who has detonated a suicide vest EMS are not allowed to abuse their jobs, or the medical system in any way. EMS is a neutral faction. They cannot take sides such as NATO/TSF/Civilian and solely revive only one faction. Section 1.10 Rebel Area and Drug Areas TSF/NATO must use sirens when initiating a raid on Drug fields. There must be at least 7 NATO involved in a raid of rebel area. When TSF/NATO initiate sirens at drug areas they can be shot by Civilians without initiation but TSF/NATO can't shoot unless shot at. Rebel area and drug area’s are only allowed to be raided 30mins before and after restart and have a 45 minutes cooldown are being raided. You can't bait cops back to Drug Fields to obtain initiation Section 1.11 Combat Logging/Storing/ Reviving / Siezing Combat Logging is logging out when roleplay is active, this includes when being followed, are in combat. If you die you must respawn or get revived. Combat Storing is storing/impounding or seizing items when someone is trying to rob you. You can not impound vehicles at major crimes, hostage situations, or gunfights until the situation is completely over You can not seize items while in an active situation Once you have robbed the bank you are strictly not allowed to log off with the money once you’ve received it from the bank this counts as Combat Storing. Storing your money/vehicle whilst being robbed. Storing your money/vehicle whilst somebody has started roleplay with or is following you. Storing money/vehicle during a Hostage Operation. Driving a vehicle into water so that no one can retrieve it, even if no one has followed you. Combat Reviving is when you pick someone up during an active gunfight. You may only revive once there are no shots fired for 2 minutes. Players can not randomly shoot at nothing to stop Red Cross or players from CPR’ing Section 1.12 Major Crimes There can only be one major crime at a time. No major crimes are permitted to happen within 30 minutes of a server restart or another major crime At Bank/Federal Reserve Robberies civilians are permitted to have a maximum of 2 snipers Major crimes consist off; Federal Reserve Bank Robbery War You must not interfere unless you are part a major crime Once negotiations are called off, there is 10 seconds for each negotiator to get into cover before anyone can exchange gunfire. NATO/High Command can shoot without calling off negotiations if the hostages life is in immediate danger of death or a reasonable attempt at negotiating has been made but an agreement is not possible due to unreasonable demands. You cannot call off negotiations through a text message. All snipers at bank or federal reserve must be declared by full name during negotiations. All parties involved. A sniper is defined as someone is at least 100 metres away from the bank/federal reserve. All other people involved in a major crime MUST be inside of the bank/federal reserve compound. There should also be no more than 15 people involved in the major crime UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Different Gangs and Rebels with Gangs cannot group up for major crimes. You can not commit a major crime with less than seven cops online. You can not to wear ANY TSF/NATO clothing in a major crime. You cannot enter the bank or federal reserve with the intention of committing a major crime before the 30 minute mark has passed. Civilians and TSF/NATO are not allowed to combat revive when they are actively involved with a bank robbery or within the area of a bank robbery. Section 1.13 Declaring War War can only be declared by Approved Gangs on Towns, cities and Checkpoint Approved Gangs must declare war in order to attack Checkpoint or do a Jailbreak There must be at least 10 cops online to declare war War can only be declared every 45 mins Approved Gangs must give a 10 minutes warning (declare war) before attacking. The war starts after 10 minutes has elapsed If the war hasn't ended after 20 mins of starting it automatically ends When declaring war the Approved Gangs must provide the amount of members involved, where they are attacking, and when the attack will begin. Attacking gang and Bluefor have KOS on each other within 1km from the Centre of the location war was declared Any civilians killed in crossfire will not be able to report rdm as they had a chance to get to a safe area. This does not mean either side can RDM without a reason. TSF/NATO must alert all civilians of war before it commences to allow them to get to a safe area. Section 1.14 Malicious Intent Malicious intent is the use of or intent to use any sort of program, document, or personal information as leverage or to harm another member of the community. Malicious intent can be, but is not limited to the following: DDoSing, Doxing, stressing IPs, IP loggers, etc. If you are aware of someone doxing another player ensure that you inform a member of SLT directly. Preferably an HA+ but any rank from SA+ will do. Teamspeak Rules Music bots/voice changers are not allowed in any of the public channels. You must have permission from the other people within your channel or by staff to use these teamspeak plugins on the teamspeak. Please use your teamspeak tools in a place where they do not bother anybody. Trolling or being an annoyance to somebody on Teamspeak is not tolerated. Toxicity, bullying and offensive avatars of any kind is strictly against the rules and may result in a permanent ban. Wasting staff members time in support cases will also result in a punishment, make sure that you have a valid reason to go to support. Head Administrators and above hold the right to ban anyone causing trouble on the community. You must follow the channel names / descriptions, if a channel has “DND or SDND” in the name of it, you must follow that or you could be punished. This means that you should not message / poke anyone within that channel or distract them. DND means “do not disturb”. Spam Poking / Messaging is strictly prohibited and will result in a punishment.. Don’t message Staff Members to get their attention when they are in a support channel just be patient and wait until they are finished with what they are dealing with.
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    Due to CUP monitization, I've had to redo a lot of our modpack, don't worry though, you will barely notice anything missing, a couple weapons and vehicles. We have and will continue to replace these with new packs as we go. I plan on doing a giveaway event tomorrow for a bit of cash on the server to compensate for lost CUP vehicles, weapons, etc. Here is how you properly update the modpack Download the new Google Drive modpack: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PQI0AYi0v3qpGxOukwe-sB2w9qKOgapM open arma3sync, update your repo the IP is here if you don't already have it: verify the files that are changed, (I had to make some changes last night so it will need small updates from a3s) This is what your mods should look like now: Refer to this for our server update:
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    Who tickets the only numbers I'm giving out are 5.56 bruv
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    Applications to TSF are OPEN but are LIMITED to mostly NA Players. The reason I am being strict on those I deny is because we want the best possible Officers to come from these Applications. Even with the small things as the Topics Title, because if you can't even follow that then I wonder what you'll be like trying to follow S.O.P's. Good Luck to those who Apply.


PsiSyn.com is a modded Arma 3 life server, which is currently based on the map Takistan. The server is un-whitelisted and consists of many custom features.

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