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    *Gonna quickly preface this by saying sorry I know this should be in the general talk area under Lakeside but I didn't have permissions to post there so feel free to move this if you want.* Alright straight to the title, I want to discuss, hear and understand the choice of weaponry on the Lakeside server. To clarify, this is not a flame post at all, I want to start a discussion and get the opinions of the playerbase, staff and development team before the guns are in the shop configs and Lakeside is live. I'm gonna start from the beginning of Psisyn and work from there to better portray the changes over time, so here goes, Psisyn started with Malden which was majority a .556 server with a little deviation in that SWAT had 6.8 and eventually Rebels had 7.62's with advanced rebel. A lot of people enjoyed this formula for the most part as did I. I think these would be good for Lakeside. Nozacki, the guns were all over the place, ranging from 9mm pistols for a lot of cops and civilians to CTU having a SKS & MP510 for some reason, these weapons would not suit Lakeside imo as they were hella scuffed in some aspects, not much balance. Takistan, the guns on Taki well.. they were Takistan level guns, TSF low ranks had 556, some 7.62 and high command had better 7.62 and a honey badger. Rebels had everything under the sun, command level 7.62, 6.8, M107, rheinmetal MG's and much more cancerous guns. These should not, I repeat SHOULD NOT be on Lakeside. They're hella aids. Makes using a pistols pointless. Now we're almost where we're now, Crystal Shores. At the beginning the word of mouth was it would be pistols and SMG's just like old Critical, this kept changing throughout it's cycle. At one point the promise was 556. as the highest caliber and on release we had 80$ gunstore pistols and rebel had honeybadgers and other random shit. It made no sense imo, it was advertised as a roleplay server but the gunlist looked like they brought in Cobra and this was ALRP. I'd hope the weapons on Lakeside aren't like this. So that was a quick history more or less on how the weapons were on Psisyn since the Malden days(When I joined, November 2017). Which brings us to the point of this post, what gun caliber will be the highest on Lakeside and what do you think they should be? Finally I'm gonna end this post again clarifying that I appreciate all the hard work of Travis, George, Mikey, Tagknife, John Billy, Josh Farrel and all the other developers (Sorry if I forgot anyone <3). This is not to flame any of you or the community as a whole, I just want to start a discussion and get peoples opinions because the Crystal Shores gun configs confused the absolute frick out of me and I want this new Lakeside to be great
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    As we come back to the Invision Power Suite by popular request, here are the changes and fixes myself and thurston have made. [ADDED] URL Rewriting, all url's are Search Engine friendly and effectily shorter without /*/index.php?/*/*/ . [ADDED] Upgrade-Insecure-Requests HTTP header, so all content served on the site will be automaticlly upgraded to HTTPS. [ADDED] Application forms, making the application process easier for you to apply for factions and staff. [ADDED] Lakeside Discussion forums. (New server???) [ADDED] Auto promoting member groups to VIP, VIP $50 and VIP $100 if you donated the equal amount. [ADDED] A welcome PM, when new users register they will automatically receive a welcome PM from @PsiSyn [ADDED] Banned tags will automatically be added to users who reech the 50 warning point threshold. [ADDED] Banned tags will automatically be removed from a user who has been unbanned or warning points removed. [ADDED] Support Application forms, no more C+P. [ADDED] Trial Staff Application forms, no more C+P. [ADDED] Minimize quotes, when someone quotes a large post the content will be minimized to 8 lines with the option to extend the quote if needed. [ADDED] Option for Community Manager+ to change post and thread authors. [FIXED] All user group permissions, so you no longer need the member tag to be able to use basic forum features. [FIXED] Steam Authentication, you can now sign in with your steam account again. [FIXED] Migated DDos attacks by moving to a new datacenter. [FIXED] Overriding group permissions. [FIXED] Some translations regarding Gangs [REMOVED] Removed (Useless) plugin to upgrade remote request to HTTPS. [REMOVED] Exile discussion forums. [REMOVED] Takistan discussion forums. [REMOVED] Crystal Shores discussion forums. [REMOVED] Takistan and Crystal Shores related forum groups. Changes are still being made as we are made aware of issues. If you experiance any issues or bugs please post in the Report a Bug forum and we will attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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    I think the balance on malden was fine. Cops could pull rifles during code red/Amber, but pistols, shotguns and some SMG's during green. Civs had acces to rifles in which cases 3-4x scopes where also available, this worked out fine since department command and upwards including swat also had acces to this. Only issue on malden was the fact that cops where getting randoms buffs and nerfs without state command knowing.
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    Go back to old whitelisting panel, make faction whitelisting in game. Have command for each faction have the ability to whitelist on server release. Make the drug systems a lot simpler. Going to the field, windows key to pick up the drugs, go to the processor etc. Have maybe 2 drug dealers, one close to the cities, one far. Make the cut of the city one a lot more profitable than the far drug dealer. Make higher caliber rifles craftable like Malden. Having shitter weapons won’t enforce better roleplay, stricter rules will and that will be dealt with. Make rebel license purchasable instead of xp, so that people have to work for it. Have a general xp system for jobs. EG The more weed runs you do, the higher your profession in that job. The better the profession the faster your processing speed is. Simple perk system. Repair speed, increased paychecks, impound speed etc. Not all of these need to be done for release. Mainly future update ideas.
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    InGame/TS Name: Reed Jacobson Age: 19 Location/Timezone?: UK - BST Why do you wish to become a Staff Team Member? (At least 200 words): I love doing the HR work and support work, I see Trial staff as the next natural progression. I want to commit more to the server and increase my notoriety in the community as a whole. I see Staff work as an important part of the community to ensure that it survives so I have a vested interest in seeing it succeed. Therefore being a Staff member I can deal with issues within the community and help do more administrative work like Name Change requests, Gang tags ext... With the release of Crystal Shores coming in the future, the work I can apply to Takistan is decreasing and with myself not getting instated I will have a lot of extra time to commit to the community. I know a lot of the current staff members as I am established member of the community and I want to work at reducing their work load. I hope that I can apply my skills as Head of HR for TSF to the staff team and that I can help other staff members on enquiries that involve TSF or BLUFOR in general. I have experience leading support cases on smaller servers and enjoyed doing them and making sure people followed the rules. Being command on Takistan means I have done similar work enforcing SoP's and such. I like to say I am fair and I try to find the best solution to situations stuff that I can solve, I enjoy doing this which is another reason I want to be a staff member. What makes you stand out from other applicants? (At least 100 words): I am already a member of the community and have been since Mid November and I am well known amongst BLUFOR being head of HR and a Captain. I know a lot of people and can use this to find solutions to problems people are having that I may not have the answers for. I spend a lot of time on the TS and with CS hopefully releasing soon I will be able devote a lot of the time I spend on HR and Command work to the Staff team and help people in getting started. I have been to every Staff meeting (That Support have been invited to) that has happened since I have been support. In being Head of HR as well as Head of Demo I have had to use the forums a lot and write SoP's and such. This means I already have the skills required to use the website, such as the auto-paste for the templates under Moderator Actions as well as how to act professional when responding to people. In having this experience and never receiving strikes as BLUFOR I am very educated in the Server Rules, both In-game and Community Wide. I am also Assistant Support Lead which shows my ability to work in a helper role among the community as well as my leading abilities. Name your biggest strength and your biggest weakness (At least 75 words): Biggest Strength: I would say my Biggest strength is my personality, I tend to get on with most people I meet. I am very approachable and I try to get to know a lot of people. I always keep my TS Captains channel to Open and frequently talk to random people who hop in about stuff. I tend not to hold grudges with people, often talking with people to find a solution rather than ranting and talking behind their back. I try to connect with people by playing games outside of Arma with them and becoming friends with them on steam. This partly comes from my role in HR by interviewing new recruits and making them seem welcome in TSF. Biggest Weakness: I would say my Biggest weakness is my forgetfulness, I often forget the most trivial procedures. I overcome this by using my second monitor to keep track of what I am doing. Situations in which I have needed to use this is learning 10-codes when I started playing on Life Servers. I try to get everything completed, by this I mean finishing the case report before I start or when I start a new case instead of the letting back up and forgetting to log them. Leading HR has enabled me to make processes to follow so that I know I have finished a step. I also found out this month that I am colour blind. As well as this I did have a issue with being lenient on punishments but since becoming TSF Captain I have been able to become more strict and enforce the rules that need to be enforced. Support Cases completed as Support/Senior: 73 How long have you been in Support: 11/04/2018 - I am now Assistant Support Lead, Alvin said I can be Staff as well What do you think we can improve on within the staff team? I think breaking down barriers that are fractioning people within the Staff team would be good. An Idea I thought of was a form of on-duty period where 2 random staff members have to work on cases together for a time, enabling them to get to know each other and make the staff team more off a family. This Idea could be adapted for Admins to work with Mods ext. So that staff members better understand the difference in responsibilities between Staff ranks. Do you have any warnings/bans on your record?: No I do not. Have you ever had any issues with anyone from the staff team? (Feel free to go in detail): I have never had any direct issues with the staff team, I had poor experiences from the support team when it first was used, however it has since been improved greatly and I am very impressed with the current state of the staff team as a whole. How long have you been a part of PsiSyn for?: Since Mid-November, I have been in BLUFOR a majority of the time. Roughly how many hours a week can you be online?: Minimum of 35, however currently I spend around 50 - 60 hours on the Teamspeak and around 15 hours ingame even in its current state. Do any staff members recommend you? Please list them off if so & state any available references. (Optional): - Brandon Pigeon, Erik Stevenson, Aaron Stones, Eye Dunno, Nathan Clarke, Johnny Peterson, Bradley Jones, Edward Bennett, Hudson Smith Many of these people know how I operate within TSF and as HR. They can see how I would be useful for the staff team. Many of them have also seen me in support cases and how I handle them in a professional and expert manor. I have spoken to most member of SMT and SLT at some point but I feel they don't know me well enough to give a recommendation. Anything extra you would like to add?: Many members who are not staff but hold important positions within TSF such as the Chief, know my personality and how I operate. They will also be able to give you a reference and hopefully show how I would be an good asset to the staff team.
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    Regardless of what guns you put on the server, it will be primarily focused around robbing unless you create rules that stop that from happening. Realistically your better with Malden style guns and just enforce RP alot more, ensure anyone breaking rules on purpose is punished well and then you'll have no issues.
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    but you dont want people doing that in the first place, would you rather have someone mass rdm and then get permed, or not mass rdm at all
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    To be honest, if being a volunteer as a Cpl.+ on the LSPD will still be a thing we definetly will not need random civs as medics. It is also not completely about the medic gear, they can just go into firefights and revive people.
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    My face to all of these -
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    Just a few ideas, sorry if these are already implemented, I didn't get to see much of Crystal Shores other than the spawn area Saturday, I really liked how the phone system worked on Crystal, it was interesting for what I've seen and the few minutes I had on the server. Could we look into working the job system into the phonebook system similar but slightly better than Nopixel had it? I always loved the idea of signing on as a taxi, repairman, delivery truck driver, bus driver and more and having people look up the phonebook to figure who was actively doing these jobs so I could easily call a taxi or repairman. Just make these jobs semi-simple but also worth doing, don't make one job like coke payout 20k and paxi payout 20$. The payout need to be worthwhile but not too crazy. I also liked the jobs having job vehicles that you got for free while doing the job. Prison evidence locker? I would love to see this added as another major crime to go alongside bank robberies. Basically all weapons seized by police will be added to this storage create within a locked vault inside DOC. You would have to put the config for each individual gun to ensure only guns are placed inside and not useless shit like radios, gps, map, clothing etc. To do this I'd suggest having two seize options for police, option one would seize only weapons and put them straight into the locker, option two seize would just delete the items like regular seizing does. Federal Reserve Robbery? Again another major crime so that rebels could do bank, doc, doc evidence locker and then "the big one" the federal reserve. I'm not sure what system is in place for bank robberies as I didn't get to see but to change this map from other servers make it so that the main federal reserve building has a locked garage(or something similar) inside. Civilians would buy a 'reserve drill' item at rebel and place it on the door of the garage, as soon as it is placed all blufor would get a notification. After 15 minutes the door would open, inside the rebels will find the gold van(OR whatever model we have). They have to deal with the cops, drive the van to a certain marker at the scrapyard where they can then scrap the van. Once they complete the scrap option they can access a locked crate at the scrapyard and inside will be the gold from the reserve. Due to this being more difficult a task than bank it would payout more. As much as I'm not a fan of Nopixel's faction system I would like the possibility of doing some of the special jobs they can perform. The drug vans, the gold transport to the port, cops get notified, action ensues, they then move the gold to the casino before getting cash. I'd like to see some of these tasks maybe added to whatever gang system we will have? Maybe have it so a whitelisted gang needs 7 members and 7 cops online(so if you're doing the altis framework gang system work with this) to complete these tasks, so after there have been 200 gold/200 drugs sold to the dealers these drug/gold vans would spawn and each member of these gangs as well as pd get keys? The gangs need to complete the task and PD would need to bring the vehicle to pd and impound it to destroy the illegal vehicle thus getting all online cops some cash for there troubles. Cartel capture points/gang capture points around the map? Maximum 3 areas on the map,these would be areas where whichever faction holds them gets a small portion of the drugs/gold sold to the dealer. If pd capture them they stop the gangs getting any money from the points. Mark everything on the map clearly, all drug fields, areas, processors, everything but the dealers. Put a market in all the main towns as well as garages. Put maybe two gunstores, 1 rebel base to buy the big boy gats. People are both lazy and too stupid to find a lot of these, you need to hold their hand. Also please have the economy make sense, 80$ guns was a tad edgy. Make the drugs, mining and the rest partially fun, put them in high population areas. Having them in areas where no one goes means you'll never see people there and we want people to meet each other frequently speak, meme and have a good time. Whether they're robbing each other or not. People love lootcrates and believing in chance. It is why people spent to so long at the underwater crates on Nopixel hoping to get kangaroo pelts to then trade at the exotic dealer for the chance of getting several tiers of fishing rod, NVG's, shit rifles or a MK48 LMG. People love to play the game of chance, maybe work in a system like this where people would have to go to a certain area to find some item like the kangaroo pelts and trade them for items. We even had this on Malden with the crash sites but you got crappy things, something like this would be an interesting way to spend time. Just don't make it so you can get an rpg but don't make it so you get a glock magazine. Find a happy medium to make it exciting/fun but not too overpowered.
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    I'm gonna disagree with this for several reasons, Firstly we'd need CUP weapons for Nopixel guns and we can't use those because we sell reserved slots and shit and CUP weapons is not allowed on monetized server Secondly, a lot of those guns are ports from Arma 2 so they're hella scuffed anyway The real life argument is pretty ResidentSleeper, at the end of the day we play these servers to have fun, not to play "In real life" card every 2 minutes. I don't think the Nopixel style will work on Lakeside because it's just boring. The thing that makes the weapons and shit fun on Nopixel is the faction play(Mob,Mafia, Biker) which I'm pretty sure we won't have.
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    What name do you use on TeamSpeak, Website & In-game?: Dmitry Kesikbayev Tell us something about yourself: My real name is Rami and I'm 16 years old. I live Germany and i am currently visiting a economic school in 9th grade (1 year before the final year). In my free time i fix and build computers and make a small living out of it. Timezone (EU/NA/AU): EU (Germany) Do you have any past experience in a support position, in this community or another?: No i did not have any expirence in a support position. Why do you wish to be part of our support team?: The reason i am applying for the Support Team is that i like socially interacting with others and i want to do something else besides playing on the server, something more refreshing. I am someone who can solve technical problems quickly and i like to help out other people, since it is in my nature to do that. I am also very friendly and also very patient which can sometimes be really helpful in some situations. I have a lot of expirence with Arma, Arma mods, etc. and i also know a few members from the staff team and i ask them about support cases and the support role in general. Since the new server is going to be released very soon i think the server is in need for some supporters and since, i am long time member of the communty (been in ths communty for almost 3 months now) i would love to give something back. This is my first time applying for the supporter role i would like to gain some expirience and improve myself. What makes your application different from others?: I dont think my application is diffrent from other applications. I think everyone who is applying for this role is striving for one thing: helping out other people. In your opinion, what is the role of the support team?: The role of the support team is the help out people with their ArmA III or other technical related problems. What skills can you bring to the support team?: I can speak 3 languages fluently (English, German, Arabic), i am a quick learner and i'm atleast 3 hours online everyday, so i can help out anytime. I am also very patient (as i stated before) and i stay cool headed under stress which i think is a plus for the role of a supporter. What do you aim to achieve as a member of the support team?: I want to help out many as people as possible and as i mentioned before and i want to do something else besides playing. Have you ever received warning points or being banned from this community (If so, what for): Yes, i have been banned for 7 Days for Racism back in 19th of February (10 Points). Do you understand that even if your application is accepted, you are not guaranteed a position on our team?: Yes. Do you agree that if you are successful in the interview, that on most days you will have limited access to the game as you are giving up your time voluntarily to help others requiring assistance?: Yes, I agree on that.
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    Gonna make this short and sweet since I'm on mobile. The largest calibre means nothing, if someone wants to rob you regardless whether they have a pickaxe or a Spar17 they will still rob you. Making the guns lower calibers doesn't make people roleplay, people choose to roleplay and if they don't they'll be banned. On the silverlake-CUP thing go research it, I can't be bothered outlining it again after my first reply clarified everything. The guns are scuffed and outdated, the reload prone bug has always been a part of the nopixel framework not CUP. 🙂
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    Hello Johnny West, I have enjoyed reading through your application. Unfortunately I am going to be putting your Interview On Hold. Your Interview is On Hold because of the following reasons: - Your profile does not show your date of birth. Click on your name on the top left of your page, then click your name and hit profile then go to 'Edit Profile'. Please fix the issue(s) above within 24 hours of this post. Make sure that you have replied only stating that you have fixed these issues(eg. Fixed!) or I will have to deny your interview for the time being and the application process will have to start again. Thanks, Blake Smith
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    Yup, we're in agreement on that. If medics aren't active they will just get removed and someone else put in there place.
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    engine disabler & remote locking device so police can do a bit car and lock and disable it until they drag a suspect out
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    What name do you use on TeamSpeak, Website & In-game?: Rupert Drayton Age at time of applying: 16 Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 18/04/2002 Tell us something about yourself: I like fixing computers and doing tech related stuff for a job Timezone (EU/NA/AU): EU Do you have any past experience in a support position, in this community or another? (If so, explain): Yes I use to be an Admin on this server before the staff purged happened where people got rather upset then I got the title asst head of support and finally, Head of Support which was removed from me as the Asst Head of Support never came to me about stuff he was doing and went straight to SMT Why do you wish to be part of our support team? (200 Word Minimum): I wish to be apart of the support team as I find it fun and joyful to help people that don't know why they can't connect to the server or want to know how to do something without looking stupid. I enjoy helping people with tech related stuff as it something that I'm currently doing as a job being a helpdesk for an IT company. I enjoy speaking to people that come to support with genuine issues and not trying to troll the hell out of you. I would also want to be apart of the psisyn support team as I use to run it and I would like to get into the staff side of things again and see what rank I can reach up to. I would also to want to be apart of the support team to get meet new people in the staff team and be respected overall by the help I do for people. Finally, I know a lot of mods and most of the issues for arma3 as I have had a lot of experience from very big servers and want to carry my skills over. What makes your application different from others?: The aspects that make my application different from others is that I know a lot of the staff members currently and I always respect them. I have had a lot of experience from very big servers that are no longer around such as Arma.Network Critical Gaming and arma 3 life with all of these experiences I think I have learned a lot about mod issues how to speak to people older / younger then me I know if someone comes to support and starts being a troll I know how to do deal with it in a correct manner. Alongside with this, I know to speak to people in a confident way as I'm trying to be someone that helps with real-life IT issues such as hardware failure etc and I want to say that has helped me speak to people older / younger in a more of a confident way without stuttering messing up my words or just sound stupid. In your opinion, what is the role of the support team?: In my opinion the role of the support team is to be the first line of support for someone that has issues or they don't know what to do if a situation comes up such as they have been rdmed and they don't know if they should report it and they want you to look at the video before putting it up on the forums or taking it to trial staff+. Alongside with this, the role of the support team is to support players with technical issues such as mod failure their game is not loading the correct mods they are getting issues trying to connect to the server or just questions about the server and how to do something. What skills can you bring to the support team?: The skills I can bring to support team is great support experience from past servers. Confident in helping people and other support members if they need it. I can also bring great listening skills to the person that needs help and I can bring great response time to someone that needs help. What do you aim to achieve as a member of the support team?: I aim to achieve the highest rank possible in the support team/staff team and I aim to be known for helping people and leading them correct. Have you ever received warning points or being banned from this community (If so, what for): Yes 10 warning points for RDM as the people don't know how to communicate during a situation. Do you understand that even if your application is accepted, you are not guaranteed a position on our team?: Yes Do you agree that if you are successful in the interview, that on most days you will have limited access to the game as you are giving up your time voluntarily to help others requiring assistance?: Yes
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    Name: Kanga Roo Age: 21 Steam 64ID: 76561198045532126 Reasons why we should accept you (100 words min): I have played on the Malden life and Takistan servers and have had a lot of fun in these roleplay situations and want to get into more enjoyable roleplay situations. I have missed the roleplay from the time when the Malden server was up. Crystal Shore sounds very promising and i might just bring some interactions for the community and other fun stuff. I love to RP and i have a passion for it. I have been playing ArmA 3 roleplay servers since the start of ArmA 3 Life (2013), I have played all of the big whitelisted roleplay servers and I have the mindset, the ability to create storylines and to roleplay. Backstory (100 words min in RP): My character Kanga Roo grew up in a very demeaning home as a child and was very poor. I always got picked on as a kid because I didn't grow up with very much. So when I were little I promised myself to become rich no matter what and take crap from anyone. Since that moment I made a plan to do what it takes, but I had limits of course. I wasn't ruthless like other people, that one time I hit a squirrel was an accident, it ran in front of the car, yes I don't take anything from anyone but I always grew up around respect so I have to know where I was coming from and why. I promised ourselves never to let go from where I came and let it get to my head, because if you don't remember why you did something or where you came from, there is no reason at all to do it. Even though it will be hard work and it will take time, I will take over this town no matter what and whatever it takes. Everything from there to now is leading up to this one moment. To take over this city with money, power, and guns. Have you had any previous bans? Nah If yes, what for? (Please provide your ban message too): Have you read and understood our rules? Ye
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    +1 was with this guy on Malden and was a good person who is also mature
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    Title: Name - Civ Application Name: Robert Green Age: 15 Steam 64ID: 76561198125704557 Reasons why we should accept you (100 words min): For a while now I have been looking for the perfect roleplay experience. The experiences I had there were great and I would like to try and have similar experiences again on this server/map. I have missed the roleplay since Malden and when I was a cop back then. I was really hyped for the release of Nozacki (Which never really came), I have been looking for a great roleplay experience and that quest has led me back to PsiSyn. I want to come back and join into the police force so I can have the unique and enjoyable roleplay experience as a patrol officer protecting civilians. Backstory (100 words min in RP): Robert was born on the coast of Altis 24 years ago, he had a hard life as his parents died when their car blew up, this was when Robert was 4. Since then Robert grew up with his uncle called Jerry Ivanov, a Russian born trader. Robert and Jerry lived in the center of Kavala near the city square. Robert went to school at Kavala Academy. When Robert was 17 he started work for a Altis based drugs cartel, he earned lots of money and moved out when he was 18 years old. Robert go busted by the Kavala national Police, Robert served 5 years for Dealing, 2 years for possession. When Robert got out of jail he decided to do right! He did this by joining the Police force as a probationary officer, he then became a solider for the United States Of America. Robert served 3 tours of Kunduz, Afghanistan, 2 tours of Straits, 2 of Takistan. Robert earned his money and now lives a very happy life in crystal shores. Have you had any previous bans?: Yes, but that was over 4 months ago. If yes, what for? (Please provide your ban message too): I dont have it anymore, and cannot find it as it was so old. Have you read and understood our rules?: Yes, I do.
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    Hello Ryann Capone, Thanks for fixing everything out on your app. Your application has now been ACCEPTED! Please join the TeamSpeak 3(ts3.psisyn.com) and join 'Requesting Support' at your earliest convenience to continue the Interview process. Thanks, Phil Cosby
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    Hello Mike Nolan, I have enjoyed reading through your application. Unfortunately I am going to be putting your Interview On Hold. Your Interview is On Hold because of the following reasons: -You Ban Was not Appealed and you have 10 Active Warning Points. Come into Support and Talk to a Staff Member Please fix the issue(s) above within 24 hours of this post. Make sure that you have replied only stating that you have fixed these issues(eg. Fixed!) or I will have to deny your interview for the time being and the application process will have to start again. Thanks, Phil Cosby
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    Name:John Etter Age: 20 Steam 64ID: 76561198105120035 Reasons why we should accept you (100 words min): I’ve been in PSISYN for a bit now and I love the amount of realism put into this community. To see the developing in this community is a wonderful thing plus you meet new people and sometimes new skills throughout certain factions which is very fun. Being a supporter for this community and just being within the new map Crystal Shores would be something worth my time and something I’d enjoy playing. Yet, most importantly I really need something to play besides Arma 2. I have been apart of many "whitelisted" RP communities and always enjoyed the role play which occurred on them. Having been missing critical gaming and the fun times I had on there I am really keen to be able to play this Backstory (100 words min in RP): Hi my name is John Etter, I’ve moved from Takistan to Crystal Shores because of the amount of corruption that was held by the terrible dictator Shane. Plus I also got offered a job here as SERT Captain which I can’t wait to start! When I was back home I had 3 wives and 20 children with those wives. I guess you could call me a sex addict. Yet, I found out here in Crystal Shores I can only have 1 wife and I chose the sexiest of all. Her name is Taviana Consuela Tyana Bruta. I also lost my father because he banged my mommy and left. No child support so please let’s not talk about this anymore. I’m also a part time rapper. My homies know me as Cpt 6ix9ine. Have you had any previous bans? If yes, what for? (Please provide your ban message too): Have you read and understood our rules? Yes


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