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    Cops can't interact with bank/vault/brief cases. Everyone can unflip every vehicle, while everyone can't push every vehicle. Cop holsters holster any type of weapon and don't save mags or attachments. You spawn in the middle of no where. Respawning spawns you at bank. There is no fucking fall damage so you can jump out of planes and live. Cars make you fly 100 feet. Police Checkpoint builder doesn't take money out of bank. Tabbing out in any shop reopens the interaction menu. Names appear when you get knocked out/knock someone out. Anyone can access police weapon shop. NPCs have "No Name" above their head. Climbing on some cars blow them up. You can rob people as a cop. You can escort anyone, anytime. Police holster conflicts with controls to switch weapons, maybe switch to shift f1/f2? To seize there must be a gun there.


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