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    What is Happening with PsiSyn?

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  2. Name: Kanga Roo Age: 21 Steam 64ID: 76561198045532126 Reasons why we should accept you (100 words min): I have played on the Malden life and Takistan servers and have had a lot of fun in these roleplay situations and want to get into more enjoyable roleplay situations. I have missed the roleplay from the time when the Malden server was up. Crystal Shore sounds very promising and i might just bring some interactions for the community and other fun stuff. I love to RP and i have a passion for it. I have been playing ArmA 3 roleplay servers since the start of ArmA 3 Life (2013), I have played all of the big whitelisted roleplay servers and I have the mindset, the ability to create storylines and to roleplay. Backstory (100 words min in RP): My character Kanga Roo grew up in a very demeaning home as a child and was very poor. I always got picked on as a kid because I didn't grow up with very much. So when I were little I promised myself to become rich no matter what and take crap from anyone. Since that moment I made a plan to do what it takes, but I had limits of course. I wasn't ruthless like other people, that one time I hit a squirrel was an accident, it ran in front of the car, yes I don't take anything from anyone but I always grew up around respect so I have to know where I was coming from and why. I promised ourselves never to let go from where I came and let it get to my head, because if you don't remember why you did something or where you came from, there is no reason at all to do it. Even though it will be hard work and it will take time, I will take over this town no matter what and whatever it takes. Everything from there to now is leading up to this one moment. To take over this city with money, power, and guns. Have you had any previous bans? Nah If yes, what for? (Please provide your ban message too): Have you read and understood our rules? Ye


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