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  1. Remember kids. Don't friendzone yourself 😉


  2. I have over 1000 profile views. That's cool. I guess

    1. Stonewall Jackson

      Stonewall Jackson

      clout approved

  3. on the floor to be honest

    1. Dave Westwood

      Dave Westwood

      Shit talk me on the floor

  4. I may be de captain now (ha memes)


    But my view still stands. Smash  the go-pro, blow their brains out and IA can't prove it. ?

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    2. James Bush
    3. Aaron Michaels

      Aaron Michaels

      With this new map and all the ocean... I really can be de captain now.

    4. James Bush

      James Bush

      Captain Aaron Michales commanding Maersk Alabama


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