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  1. Jack Luegoir

    Cameron Montanigrue - Support Application

    +1 remarkable person on this community
  2. IKR Im 7th on the leaderboard now, absolute outrage

  3. Nah mate a whole 20 members what are you on about

    1. Dave Westwood

      Dave Westwood

      20 members? Almost sounds like a viable department...almost... ;)

    2. Jack Luegoir

      Jack Luegoir

      IA only have 20

    3. Dave Westwood

      Dave Westwood

      Did I say they were viable :iceTongue1:

  4. Oh sorry John, please enlighten us with your all knowing wisdom

    1. Dave Westwood

      Dave Westwood

      Mate he’s IA therefore infinitely wiser than us all, everyone knows that... smh

  5. IA shouldnt just sit on the side of the road jerking off until some poor officer drives past 5km over the speed limit

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    2. Ajax Tiberius

      Ajax Tiberius

      When officers scream "on the floor or your dead"

    3. Dave Westwood

      Dave Westwood

      On the floor or you’re getting a strike tbh = my new initiation, some scary shit right there

    4. Ajax Tiberius

      Ajax Tiberius

      A guide on how to take over DOC

  6. IA intrudes on the sovereignty of the department of corrections, sort of like how Israel does it to Palestine.

    1. Ajax Tiberius

      Ajax Tiberius

      Egypt +1's this

    2. Nick Bounty
    3. Dave Westwood

      Dave Westwood

      Damn son, feathers gonna get ruffled :O


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