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  1. Server Update 2/21

    Mission file only Added high end carshop just northeast of checkpoint Added Fixed Drones to NATO Reverted two scripts which we assumed might cause lag Added RPG to NATO Corp Added two new NATO UAV operator slots
  2. Mission file only Big thanks to Jimbo, ducky, and jance for all the help ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKILL SYSTEM Added in skill system, you can open it in the y menu, adds quite a few cool features Medical perk, which allows you to use medikits more efficiently, heal yourself more, and heal fully on final perk Anti recoil, up to 20% Processing faster Lockpicking faster New spawn zones as perks, including spawning at Rebel if unlocked, Nagara if unlocked, and finally exclusion zone spawn Plan to add alot more, give feedback please You can gain xp by buying vehicles, lockpicking, processing items, and doing trucking missions at Freight Yards Fixed/reworked freight yards, they now give you good money, especially illegal ones, and give by far the most xp on the server Cops can search illegal trucks and it's a crime to do illegal trucking missions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER SHIT NATO must now have civilians revoke their rebel licenses to go past checkpoint, they can do it at the same spawn you get passports fixed bar gates at checkpoint Overhaul to spawn system to include skill system Blufor can now remove barriers others placed with scrollwheel Cleaned up map removing unneeded text Added a gun store, clothing, etc to Nagara as a perk for unlocking the spawn Surrender is now Shift + B Removed global bans from infistar, will still log you though Added a few more checks to infistar, expect mass false positive banning, maybe Threat level blufor only Fixed CPR instant revive Gang money storage now has 5 minute cooldown Edited some shops for TSF
  3. Server Update 2/17 [2]

    Mission file only Questioning drug dealers [Jimbo] Gear should now sync with server to stop players from their gear not showing to others [Jimbo] Day/Night cycle faster [Jimbo] Double revive fee [Jimbo] Blufor check for threat level [Jimbo] NATO shops reworked [NATO command] Large gates fixed at checkpoint [Jimbo] Made some drugs buyable [Jimbo]
  4. Server Update 2/17

    Mission file only You cannot hypothetically die inside vehicles from collisions anymore, you can from explosions\bullets. [Ducky, Jimbo] Police do not lose clothing on death [Repentz] Added Threat level system for police [Repentz] Minor changes to checkpoint [Jimbo] Can now lockpick large gates at checkpoint [Jimbo] Jail now works properly [Jimbo] New script for healing self, also can scroll wheel heal other players [Repentz] Receive zipties back after un restraining [Jimbo]
  5. Server Update 2/16

    Mission file only Added a new Phone UI With some new options soon to come Added a new checkpoint for NATO Added quite a few new civilian vehicles Added many new rebel vehicles, including .50 cal vehicles, SPMG mounted offroads etc Added some new weapons clothing etc for NATO Removed bugatti, smart car from TSF, plan to remove more for a more 'realistic feel'
  6. Server Update 2/15

    Mission file only Better unflipping implemented Mines explode if/when your suicide vest explodes if you planted them Object view distance now works in sync with view distance in settings menu VIP in names now only works for VIP Surrender bug fixed
  7. Server Update 2/14

    This is required for this update: Replaced CUP vehicles, weapons, clothing with other stuff (more to come just give us time) Replaced some modern cars with abruzzi cars, which slide a lot less Redid checkpoint to support a more "militartized" environment, including, NATO weapon shops and AA & MG turrets you cannot disassemble Hopefully fixed CPR kits Fixed medkits Can now damage players while shooting out of vehicles Fixed talking inside tanks
  8. Big Server Update

    Due to CUP monitization, I've had to redo a lot of our modpack, don't worry though, you will barely notice anything missing, a couple weapons and vehicles. We have and will continue to replace these with new packs as we go. I plan on doing a giveaway event tomorrow for a bit of cash on the server to compensate for lost CUP vehicles, weapons, etc. Here is how you properly update the modpack Download the new Google Drive modpack: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PQI0AYi0v3qpGxOukwe-sB2w9qKOgapM open arma3sync, update your repo the IP is here if you don't already have it: verify the files that are changed, (I had to make some changes last night so it will need small updates from a3s) This is what your mods should look like now: Refer to this for our server update:
  9. Taki Server Update 2/13

    MODPACK UPDATE REQUIRED USING OUR REPO IT WILL BE SLOW PROBABLY Thanks to @Ducky and @Jimbo for all the help with this update and others Moved bank to OG position just above checkpoint Disabled fatigue Checkpoint has been completely reworked Moved regular civ spawn up north more, moved exclusion zone to old spawn position Added gun store just west of new civ spawn Added new vehicle pack for TSF/EMS Added more gang clothing Added virtual medikits Made 1 drug dealer instead of two Fixed gang money storage Added Igla to Very Illegal Explosives shop Increased prices of launchers, suicide vest, demo charge Walls have a timer to be blown up now, takes 60 seconds, NATO are informed as soon as its planted, limit of 3 Added a medical clothing shop with options Fixed suicide vest height issue Fixed FPS glitch with surrendering Gang upgrading fixed Fixed player/vehicle markers showing on map Removed CPR kits from regular markets Civ slots upgraded to 90
  10. Taki Server Update 2/12

    Added CPR kits Added rob able gang storages around the map, you can get money from them, good money. Added check for roleplay names Fixed drug dealer locations Main implementation of wall charges for blowing up parts of the border wall, will be working next update Made Main spawn and rebel into safezones Gang markers Working on Govenor system, eta not available Working on New phone, with new systems like questing and much more.
  11. Taki Server Update 2/9

    Fixed Medic spawning in Added VIP clothing and vests shops Nerfed krokodil price slightly Nerfed gold bar price Lowered price of helicopters by half or more Added more spots to potentially cross the border Added more cars for civilian car shop Added realistic clothing to civ spawn Items and cash now drop on death


PsiSyn.com is a modded Arma 3 life server, which is currently based on the map Takistan. The server is un-whitelisted and consists of many custom features.

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