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    • Repentz

      New Discord Server   02/03/18

      We are starting a discord for general chat, all older discords are no longer needed, if you want to see common announcements relating to the server, staff, development, etc. Or want to ask questions that will be answered by any of us, or you just want to chat with people, you can join here! https://discord.gg/Se8DzCr
    • Repentz

      Takistan Server Information   02/08/18

      Takistan server is live, click the link below to find out more    
    • Sean Black

      Staff Application   02/17/18

      Hello everyone,  Currently we are short handed within our support and staff ranks. Below are the links to our support application (for those who are technologically inclined), and our administrative application as well. 

      Please note that if you are already a support member your application will be held to a higher standard but will also take presidency over those who are not in support already. This is only for a short time, we appreciate everyone's understanding and we hope to see you in our staff team. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

        -Sean Lannister,  Staff Manager @ PsiSyn
    • Repentz

      New Donation Option: Vehicle Skins   02/18/18

      Yep, check the link below for more options:  

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PsiSyn.com is a modded Arma 3 life server, which is currently based on the map Takistan. The server is un-whitelisted and consists of many custom features.

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