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Server Update 3/5

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  • Added new version of Ivory vehicles to hopefully remove the shit lights from being stuck on
  • Almost doubled all illegal drug prices
  • Increased capacity of all trucks by 100+
  • Increased hemmet box to 600 vitem space, new price 250k
  • Increased price of all civilian helicopters
  • Added suicide vests to rebel for 80k
  • Gold bar increase to ~90k
  • Red humvees for medics
  • Invisible backpacks working again
  • Tempest device with automining added
  • Will now display who knocked you out
  • Cops must go to jail to send people to jail


This is just to see how people react and part of making the server hopefully more balanced and fun for everyone

  • Removed all Main battle tanks
  • Removed all APC's except the mg ones
  • Removed Drones from NATO
  • Removed attack helicopters all sides, besides pawnee

We may add some of these vehicles back at some point if we see a reason to, but at the moment, we feel these vehicles play a role in limited and unnecessarily unbalanced roleplay.

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PsiSyn.com is a modded Arma 3 life server, which is currently based on the map Takistan. The server is un-whitelisted and consists of many custom features.

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