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    We can't all use pull down scripts buddy
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    Team Name: Internal Affairs Team Players TS Names (In Order With Below): Thomas Hayes, Connor Adams, Harrison, Bounty, Andrejko Mandell Team Uplay Names (In Order With Above): Hayes.NUMB, Connor_A, Ericilius, Bounty1235,Andrejko. Will you be able to attend Friday?: Yes Do you understand that if your team is not ready by the set time you will be disqualified? Yes
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    Bloods Gang Recruitment Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WDsYHiHSqJ5lg6Olxx5wdcD2jIhTrzXWw5f1AaxFVxc/edit#gid=0 Application: Rp Name: Age: How Long Have You Played On The Server: Hours in Arma: Why do You wanna Join our Gang and Why Should we Take You: Timezone: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You Are Accepted Im Gonna Message You Please Check Your Pms On Here The Offer Is a Limited Time Offer xD Good Luck
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    26 Cops is way to little to handle the 70 something civs. Make it like 30-35. Rn it's impossible to get a slot and get in game. Its too little cops for the amount of crime that occurs on this server
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    Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick write up on the current situation with the PsiSyn ARMA 3 server community, since some pretty big stuff happened today. Before you say "b-b-but Lewis, you left", yeah, and Repentz is currently away "on vacation". So I feel it's only right to step in, since the community is still ultimately under our name. About 2 weeks ago, you might have noticed the store section for Exile was removed from our site. This was due to Chernarus 2035 and another addon not allowing us to monetize, Bohemia requested that we stop monetizing it, so we did. Exile was operating purely based off of server donations at this point. With our total server costs looking around $500 ($150 for Exile box, $150 for Life, and $195 for website, repo and TS), that's fine, the Life server would cover the unreliability of donations. A similar process has struck the Life server today, the addon in question being Task Force Radio. That's right, the addon every ARMA 3 Life server has used for years. A contributer to the TFR code named Dedmen has shown distaste towards our mistake of not requesting monetization permission for TFR on our server for months now. This was our (Repentz and I) mistake, due to not honestly even realized permission was required, since the above statement "the addon every ARMA 3 Life server has used for years" made it seem like it simply was not. Since Dedmen shows this distaste due to our ignorance, as of today, like I said, the monetization for the Life server must also go, since until there is a solution for the TFR problem (we do have a few options being worked on), we cannot monetize the Life content. We have tried cooperate with Bohemia to the best of our ability (although it has been ALL done through Repentz' email, so I don't know the ins and outs), so if this issue is resolved, then the monetization will be reinstated. The original creator of TFR (NKey) has no issue with the monetization of his mod from people, but also is not willing to say "I permit" or "I don't permit", so alas, since Dedmen did indeed contribute SOME code (I honestly don't know how much, but NKey is still the person who made the core TFR code I'm sure), he gets to decide who does and doesn't monetize the mod. If he doesn't like you, you're shit out of luck. I again apologize to Dedmen for not seeking out permission at an earlier date, ignorance isn't a very good excuse for this, but it's all I have. What does this mean for you, as a player? Not much, all prior perks are still activated, and if people need help with any prior perks, staff is still there to help. The store items will be removed for the time being, and the server will simply operate from donations for the time being. Obviously in the short term, this does mean Repentz and other higher ups (not me) have some scary decisions to make! If you have any questions, go ask a higher up staff member (not me please, I'm just here to write essays). No, the server is not shutting down, and no, this isn't that big of a deal (at least in my opinion), bumps in the road happen. Thanks, Lewis
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    Rp Name: Lewis Bradly or Don Cheadle Age: 18 How Long Have You Played On The Server: Couple months About 200 hours Hours in Arma: 800 But the account i'm on right now is 19.1 hours Why do You wanna Join our Gang and Why Should we Take You: Because i can make the best plays you have ever seen im good at fragging, making money and I need some friendly faces to roll around with. I got recommended to apply. 🙂 Timezone: England BST -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Hello, We will be hosting a community Rainbow Six Seige tournament that will be streamed and done on Friday, July 13th. If you would like to join you must apply for your team! Amount of Games will depend on the amount of teams entering. 5v5 Tournament Prize: $5,000,000 Each For The Winning Team & each member gets to choose a game from list below! TIME OF EVENT: 6PM MST 12AM - GMT 1AM - BST Bracket: https://challonge.com/psisynr6 Due to the bracket system we can only accept either 8 or 16 teams, there will be another tournament with more planning done in a week or so be aware tho any team that does not turn up another team may be used in its place Rules are simple: No Cheating Internal Players Only (Members Of PsiSyn Community) (will be checked) No Racism / Abuse / Streamsniping (This event will be streamed) Play Fair And Enjoy BREACHES OF ANY OF THESE WILL RESULT IN YOUR TEAMS DISQUALIFICATION IMMEDIATELY Team Name: Team Players TS Names (In Order With Below): Team Uplay Names (In Order With Above): Will you be able to attend Friday?: Do you understand that if your team is not ready by the set time you will be disqualified?: Game List: Conan Exiles Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion Tomb Raider (2013) Forts Hearts of Iron IV Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition Titan Quest:Anniversary Edition + Titan Quest:Ragnarok DLC Jalopy Moon Hunters Turmoil GTA III GTA IV Manhunt Max Payne Max Payne 2 Max Payne 3: Rockstar Pass Aviary Attorney Holy Potatoes! We’re in space? Lost Castle Overgrowth Splasher
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    What kind of anticheat are we going to be using? Is there a custom one or will the cheats I use in MM work on here?
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    Anyone openly supporting France or Croatia will be immediately sanctioned and punished to a two week ban. ~ Sir Ajax Tiberius, 1st Viscount of Burma
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    BTEC Hair and Beauty Josef Zuberi - zekt_ Harry Lennar - Haw0yNah Dave Westwood - BegoneTHOT.exe Freddie Spring - Hi.Im.Springy Fynn James - FJames_ Will you be able to attend Friday?: Yes Do you understand that if your team is not ready by the set time you will be disqualified?: Yes
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    Well it has taken quite some time to get this all switched over, but we are happy enough with it to put it out to you guys, if there are any issues (which there is a chance there will be) report it on the forums and I will fix it. Server Information: Server IP: Port: 2302 To download this modpack, please click the link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lX9kJI6NfJVc2E_szN5t_zmBQeAt4YMZ To update this modpack, please use this in Arma3Sync: If you need help installing the mods, feel free to join our Teamspeak Server at ts3.psisyn.com and go to Requesting Tech Support, or watch this video! Basic Controls: Windows - Interaction Menu F - Pickup Items, CPR, Gather, etc M - Map Y - Player Menu Shift + Y - Skill Menu
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    Lakeside Valley Server Rules Recently changed rules will be highlighted in green General Rules No Stream Sniping. e.g. using a player’s livestream to get a tactical advantage against that player. You must always use a valid roleplay name. e.g. Keaton Zeta. [No symbols, ranks or gang names] No combat reviving. e.g. Reviving any player during an active gunfight. You may only revive someone after the scene is declared “Code 4” for cops/ems, or after there has been no gunfire for 3 minutes, or if the entire opposing force is eliminated. (you are responsible for ensuring that the entire opposing force truly is eliminated.) Auto clickers and "Macros" are prohibited on this server. You cannot enter debug intentionally or break the boundaries of the map e.g. sniping from debug to bank Hacking is not Tolerated at all, You will be punished with a permanent ban. You may not use anything to give you an advantage over other players (Lag Switch, Hacks ect.) Section 1 Random Deathmatch (RDM) and Initiation Rules You may not kill anyone unless valid initiation has been made. (you are responsible for making sure that the initiation is clear and heard by the opposing party). You must have a valid roleplay reason to rob someone. (This only includes RP that can be achieved within the game. E.g. “I robbed you because God told me to.” is not a valid reason.) Initiation roleplay lasts for 5 minutes; anything over the period will have to be re-initiated. To initiate you must have a visible firearm out [in your hands, not on your back], and give a demand. You must verbally initiate on a player or group of player before you taze/knock them out or shoot at them. Excessive Trash Talk voids a green zone, but before you take any action against them, you must initiate on them. Sirens do not count as initiation. To initiate as a group, you must be wearing the same clothing as your other party members. (I.E, Uniform & Vests (bags, masks and headwear isn't included)) After correct verbal initiation has occurred, the player you gave a demand to must be given 10 seconds to execute it or if you have reasonable belief they aren’t complying I.E “they start to speed off, run away or go to draw a weapon”, you may then enforce the threat If involved in a head on collision you are not allowed to initiate on the other party nor are other members of your group (applies to all factions) If you have previously been killed and revived within a 10 minute period, the previous initiation has ended. When you initiate on the police, you are not initiated on the whole cop force. Only the ones at the current situation (Including backup) You are not allowed to initiate on moving vehicles going over 40 km/h You can only initiate through voice, not text message etc. You cannot initiate on someone in an animation (e.g. repairing a car). Waiting for someone to finish the animation is NOT allowed Section 2 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) Using your vehicle as a weapon is prohibited unless your life in direct danger, I.E a group of players are surrounding your vehicle and the only way to get out is to run someone over. You may not purposely VDM someone unless they are blocking the road. After running someone over, you must not proceed to rob them or use their unconsciousness to your advantage. Desync ramming is allowed only if you are in an active initiation otherwise it's classified as VDM (PD can desync/S1 if they are pursuing you, and valid initiation has taken place) Section 3 Metagaming/Powergaming You may not use any third party communications (Teaspeak, Steam, Skype, discord, etc) to actively distribute information that could otherwise benefit others within a situation. Do not create invisible items such as knives or putting guns to a driver's head while driving. Only use the mechanics that are already in the game, this is known as power gaming. (RP Shackles are allowed.) You must obtain a player’s name through RP reasons only using any other method including teamspeak or keychain is prohibited. You must not pretend to lose your car keys if forced to hand them over as this is power gaming (If you drop them to avoid this, you can still get punished). You can’t use information that you found out of the game without the use of roleplay. Harassing or using the name of a livestreamer without roleplay knowledge is considered Metagaming. You can not store information found in game to remember the information for later use. Exceptions to this are faction specific information. Section 4 New Life Rule NLR (New Life Rule) means when you die you forget the events what led up to your death. You may not go back to the place where you died and seek ‘revenge’ on the person(s) who killed you. Both cops and civs may not return to a 1km radius of where they were killed within 10 minutes of dying. Once you've been picked up by a medic, you may not return to combat unless under direct threat. (I.e, someone initiating on you) If you have been picked up by a medic, you cannot remember your previous life. You can only remember your friends and who you are. You may remember what happened if you need it to defend yourself in a police situation only. [i.e. a court case] If you were resuscitated by a civilian, you remember your previous life. You cannot use your “GoPro” to see what happened before you died. This is exempt to rule breaks. If you were incapacitated you can remember the previous events before you were incapacitated. Section 5 Group Rules When you initiate on a group, it does not mean you initiate on every gang member. The initiation would only be towards the gang members involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup. (Same uniform, vest, and with a weapon out) Killing a gang member that is not involved and has not been initiated on is RDM. Group initiation only lasts within 500m of an active RP situation unless they are committing a Major crime. Gang numbers are unlimited BUT you MUST be an official member of that gang, Tags/roster etc. Section 6 Roleplay Rules / Fail Roleplay Never break character: Breaking character will destroy the roleplay for you and everyone else. You can’t go out of character and tell people they are breaking the rules. Just record and report them. You can’t play music while in restraints, outside of a vehicle/house or without valid roleplay reason. You can only RP shackle someone's feet after restraining them. You must not purposely bait cops. For example, you must not deliberately drive in and out of the police HQ to have an officer initiate on you. This also means you should not attempt to bait an officer just for the sole reason of wanting to rob them. You must not knock out anybody in a gunfight once initiation has taken place. You may not revive someone that you have killed or conspired to kill. People giving out your location or running around in the fire fight can be shot without initiation by Police and Civilians After robbing a person, you must wait 10 minutes before you can rob the same individual again. You can not use the no fall damage to break role-play. Example; Jumping out of aircraft, jumping off a roof, jumping out of a moving car. Anything over 10m high will be considered FailRP. Doing the DPI jumping, Stretch jump, or anything to fling yourself, will be considered FailRP. The cop negotiator can not be restrained, taken hostage or robbed during negotiations. A hostage can only be taken for a valid reason. To fight with the cops is not valid. You are not permitted to take one of your own gang members hostage. You can only take a hostage when you are ready and going to start a situation. If you are not ready and you have had the hostage(s) for more then 5 minutes you must release them. EX: Having a hostage for 20 min saying to him "you're going to be used for bank" just to stall. If you have had a hostage for a situation and it is finished, you must release them after. Section 7 Not Valuing Life You must always value your life. If a gun is held to your head, you must value your life. Follow demands and actually roleplay! You must always value the life of your gang members or fellow officers. During hostage negotiations cops are responsible for the hostage(s) life. All efforts must be made to negotiate before negotiations are called off at major crimes or hostage situations, by civilians and cops. You must always comply if you are in a stopped vehicle and someone initiates on you while pointing a firearm at you. If you are out numbered 3 to 1 you must surrender and comply with instructions. If a crime is involving hostage(s) cops must attempt to negotiate for that hostage(s) life. Section 8 Faction rules 8.1 Police Rules State command cannot be corrupt. Officers must try their best to roleplay even when civilians are in jail and must not just restrict them to their cells unless having a good reason. Officers can only restrain civilians if they; - Have their hands on their head - On the floor - If the officer is behind them. - Knocked out or Tazed. Police must not close the bank vault until all members of the bank robbery and been killed, restrained or left (10 minutes after combat has ended.). Cops cannot use CPR kits to revive civilians if they were directly involved in the situation that lead to their death. Exempt exceptions are (Civilians jumping out of a moving car whilst in restraints or using an exploit to kill themselves). If a cop CPR’s a civilian they must let them go no matter the crime. Except in jail and the exceptions in the rule above. Police are only allowed to spike strip moving vehicles. Police have the authorization to warn/engage suspicious helicopters/planes flying in restricted air space with warning shots. DOC is an example of a restricted air space. Cops can CPR former prisoners or people in custody who have been killed at DOC. Cops must have a valid roleplay reason to raid someone's house. If cops “smash your GoPro”, you cannot use your video to punish them via IA, this does not apply to rule breaks. Cops cannot camp drug areas (Fields, processors or dealers) for longer than 5 mins unless an active situation is in place. Tear gas does not count as initiation. You must still initiate even if you have been tear gassed / after tear gas has been thrown. Shooting in response to tear gas will be considered RDM. PD and DOC have CCTV for IA cases but only within the perimeter walls and on bridges/entrances not pointing outwards you still need to ascertain permission from the video author to use the video but death and breaking of recording devices will not negate the footage. Police may not sell/give out gear unless it's in a negotiation situation. 8.2 EMS Rules If a civilian is being sent to prison while in medical custody, you must ask a police officer to escort you to the hospital. (Driving away on purpose will result in points) Medics can not issue or sell items/vehicles to civilians. [other than food, water, and health] Medics are not allowed to kill. Killing medics is not allowed, unless you have warned them to leave or they are combat reviving. You must warn them first! Refusing medical custody when revived by a medic, is failRP. This means you may not run away/ leave without the medic letting you go. Medics may not revive during combat and must wait 2 minutes after the battle has ended or has been deemed code four by the cops at the situation. Medics are not allowed to enter any rebel capture points that are currently in the process of being captured. Civilians cannot steal medic vehicles at any time. Robbing medics is not permitted Section 9 Rebel Area and Drug Areas Police must initiate via a verbal initiation at all times. There must be at least 30 civilians online in order for cops to raid a rebel area. Rebel area is only allowed to be raided 30 mins before and after restart and have a 45 mins cooldown before being raided again. Section 10 Combat Logging Logging out during, after or to avoid a combat situation is not acceptable unless you have direct permission from a member of the Senior Leadership Team. You must wait for the full death timer and respawn before you log off. Only SLT can authorise a combat log. Section 11 Major Crimes There can only be one major crime at a time. No major crimes are permitted to happen within 30 minutes before and after a server restart. Major Crimes can only happen once every 30 min Major crimes consist of: - Federal Reserve - Bank Robbery - Casino - An attack on the DOC / Evidence Locker You can not team up with other gangs during a major crime. You must all be wearing the same clothing. You must not interfere unless you are part of the major crime. Once negotiations are called off, 10 seconds must be given before any engagement takes place. You cannot call off negotiations through a text message. You may not commit a major crime with less than seven cops online. You cannot enter the bank or federal reserve with the intention of committing a major crime before 30 minutes have passed after a server restart A DOC takeover may only last a maximum of 40 minutes, after this time any attacking party must leave. You may only takeover DOC with a valid roleplay reason such as breaking out a Gang Member/Friend, or a hostage situation etc. There has to be some form of negotiations at Major Crimes Section 12 Safe Zone If you are within 25 Meters of a spawn point (Lakeside, Morrison Los Disblos) it is considered a “Safe Zone” You may not break the law in any manner, Ie - Stealing a car, robbing someone, etc. If you are within 15 Meters of an ATM and or Vehicle Spawn Point it is considered a “Safe Zone” You may not break the law in any manner, Ie - Stealing a car, robbing someone, etc. You may not push/ bait someone out of the Safe Zone. Running to the safe zone when you have been initiated on / being chased, will make the safezone not valid for you and the person(s) chasing you. Trolling (e.g. trash talking, playing very loud music etc.) in the Safe Zone voids the Safe Zone. Section 13 Police Traffic Stop Rules Rule: If you are driving, and a police officer pulls up behind you and tells you to pull over via their vehicle, you must comply regardless of scenario, excluding only: You may only continue to drive if: You are in an active situation with police. You are being chased by another party already. How this rule works: Police officer will decide to pull you over for a number of reasons, I.E suspicious activity, illegal area, etc. You pull over to the side of the road and wait. Police officer(s) get out of their vehicle and walk up to your vehicle. Police officer(s) will speak to you, they can question you or ask you to hop out of your vehicle if they have reasonable suspicion. At this point, you have two choices, you may comply and hop out, OR you can choose to flee in your car. You must have a valid reason to flee, I.E you are wanted, or are in possession of illegal items. This is considered initiation, BUT the officer cannot shoot you here, or spike strip you, they must jump in their car and pursue you After 30 seconds of the police chase, what you do at this point is completely up to you, you can jump out, maybe you crash, etc. Why this rule? Police and even some civs are complaining that the only scenarios they run into with police are stop or die, robberies, or car chases that end up in immediate gunfights, this will help towards making the server more fun for those who like to have at least a little bit of roleplay, but does not restrict the end goal for those who only want gunfights. Section 14 Misc Rules The LCSO/DOC ATM is not to be used by civilians. (Leads to 'Cop Baiting' Cases) You must not kill yourself while in jail. Deathchat cannot be used as evidence unless it is being used for a pastoral case e.g. racism, bullying or other offensive language. You cannot revive and then proceed to rob someone. You cannot use a vehicle to block any entrances during a major crime (federal reserve robbery etc.) You must not kamikaze vehicles into anyone or anything purposely. You may not camp item sellers, for example, drug dealers. Doing so will count as Fail RP. Civilians can not use barriers to kill someone. Suicide vests must only be used in Major Crimes. You may not use a suicide vest to rob or kidnap anyone. You may not wear a suicide vest anywhere else but a major crime zone. You are only allowed to have up to 2 suicide vests during major crime. Having a weapon of any kind with a suicide vest is not allowed. Using the ingame chat is not allowed at all.
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    Encountered this bug as a cop, first buying 10 morphine dc, get on 0 morphine in my inv. 2 time i dc with about 18+ morphine and sync before server goes down and atleast 30 seconds of waiting so im pretty sure its a bug with the morphine. dk if it happens to civs...
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    Rp Name: Jay Williams Age:17 How Long Have You Played On The Server: I would say about a month or 3 weeks Hours in Arma: I have 70hrs on this account but if i was to add the hours on my friends account becuase i played on his pc cause i didnt have one i would have around 200 Why do You wanna Join our Gang and Why Should we Take You: I am friends with Kodi Ortega. And i wish to be apart of a family that we can have fun and take over the world together Timezone:Eastern time zone
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    Rp Name: Olivia Fuller Age: 17 How Long Have You Played On The Server: 6 days Hours in Arma: 50 Why do You wanna Join our Gang and Why Should we Take You: vinny recommended me and im cool Timezone: CDT
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    DoC, cuz its a major crime moron of course a lot of cops will respond and there is no limit of how many gang members you want to involve
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    Randomize the teams LOL Yes, lets take everyone who wanted to play together with their friends and just mix em all up. 4Head
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    Sorry but what kinda of person reports this like you either have to be a massive virgin generally
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    Because this is all about gungame, you right we just bad
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    No, get better at the game. Edit: Everyone that +1ed this is a cop who can't use their wrist to compensate for recoil
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    People obviously want it... maybe listen to the community. Cant hurt just to add more cop slots, not hard.
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    Keeps getting suggested, keeps getting denied.
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    I’ll donate $10 to your stream and send you another bill board design. 😉
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    Network Rules These Rules apply across all PsiSyn Arma 3 Servers, PsiSyn.com, PsiSyn.com Discord, and the PsiSyn TeamSpeak General Rules Never advertise any other Communities Do not advertise any other 3rd party communications servers/services within our community. You are required to speak fluent English when playing on the server. If you are unable to do so then we can not accept you into the community. Lying to staff is not tolerated You are NOT allowed to be on a VPN, unless approved by SMT You must follow the chain of command at all times You must treat all members with mutual respect if not punishments can be made depending on the situation. We have no age limit however homophobic comments, toxicity, discrimination, racism or acting in a manner that is deemed highly offensive at any time is not tolerated and may result in a removal from the community Some forum sections may have their own rules which will be posted in a pinned thread Do not dupe or exploit. Please report all exploits and bugs to the staff or development team. You may Receive a reward for reporting them You may not witch hunt people (Get them in trouble just because you got in trouble) - Staff Discretion. Intentionally trolling and griefing a server event will result in punishment at the hosts discretion Entering Debug Zone is not tolerated. Excessive harassment of streamers will result in a 3-day ban. For example continuously saying their name or following them around. Racism in-game (Whether within roleplay or not) is never tolerated Going AFK while on as any faction with the purpose of gaining money is not tolerated You must have the same roleplay name across all of your PSISYN accounts (In-Game, Teamspeak, Forums) Abusing loopholes within the rules is not tolerated Donating does not give you any abilities to dodge punishments etc. Donations are also non-refundable. When reporting, you can not use someones videos or streams without their permission. If someone is reporting a player with their own evidence and they break a rule as well, they will be punished too. You can't roleplay "rape". Forum Rules If you post non english content you will receive a warning. No topic bumping It is not allowed to bump a topic. If you do it you will receive a warning. If you do it three times the ability to post content will be removed for 7 days. No Inappropriate material Any sexual or Gore oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated and will be punished with a ban. No excessive cursing of swear words We encourage you to use our community as a forum to debate topics, but don't use swear words. We will not tolerate abuse upon another member. No signature / picture abuse If we find that an image you post in your signature is offending to anyone it will be immediately removed and your account will be disabled. Be sure to keep your signature picture at a reasonable size. Respect the authority of Moderators and Administrators If you do not like something that a Moderator or an Administrator did, send them a Private Message. Don't complain about a deleted topic, post or a moved topic in the forums. We do not have time to inform everyone about why a post has deleted/moved. Warnings will not be applied without a reason. If you have a problem with a warning, talk with the Admin/Mod who warned you. Other administrative Personal cannot follow the reasons of your warnings. Shoutbox Please do not ask for support, downloads and updates in the shoutbox. Please use no bad language or give staff abuse in the shout either or you will get banned. Shoutbox Bans / Requests The rules for both forums are in these forums except this one: People who PM a STAFF member with their request will receive a warning. User Names It is not allowed to use usernames which are similar to STAFF members or infringe another rule. If you do so you will become a new "nice" name from us. Commenting on player reports / unban requests without being involved will result in a punishment. Content Aimed at disrespecting other users is not allowed. Ruining someones reputation points by spamming them with negative reputation is not allowed Do not comment on a Rule Suggestion unless you posted it. This will result in 5 points Teamspeak Rules Music bots/voice changers are not allowed in any of the public channels. You must have permission from the other people within your channel or by staff to use these teamspeak plugins on the teamspeak. Please use your teamspeak tools in a place where they do not bother anybody. Trolling or being an annoyance to somebody on Teamspeak is not tolerated. Toxicity, bullying and offensive avatars of any kind is strictly against the rules and may result in a permanent ban. Wasting staff members time in support cases will also result in a punishment, make sure that you have a valid reason to go to support. Head Administrators and above hold the right to ban anyone causing trouble on the community. You must follow the channel names / descriptions, if a channel has “DND or SDND” in the name of it, you must follow that or you could be punished. This means that you should not message / poke anyone within that channel or distract them. DND means “do not disturb”. Spam Poking / Messaging is strictly prohibited and will result in a punishment.. Don’t message Staff Members to get their attention when they are in a support channel just be patient and wait until they are finished with what they are dealing with. PSISYN Chain of Command Founder ↓ Community Director (CD) ↓ Community Manager(CM) ↓ Staff Manager(SM) ↓ Head Administrator(HA) ↓ Senior Administrator(SA) ↓ Administrator(AD) ↓ Moderator(MD) ↓ Trial Staff(TS) You will always start with Trial Staff and work your way up the chain. If you do not follow the chain of command and choose to message someone without going through the chain of command you will be issued with a 3-hour ban and 10 points, if a staff member fails to follow chain of command they may also be issued a staff strike.
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    The Purge. RDM is allowed for a certain amount of time.


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