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  1. Joshua Menendez

    Weaponry & How It Will Work on the new server?

    Can we get the 12. cal revolver please.
  2. God Save The Queen

  3. Joshua Menendez

    Threat Level

    I think some form of threat level should remain purely to give the police that extra bit of control when shits getting out of hand. I do agree however, it's something which has been loosely controlled but finding a solution would be for the best. My suggestion would be to make the system entirely ingame related. What you could do is put a mousewheel option at every police station and if you've got a certain whitelistlevel or above you are able to change the threat level. The threat level could be shown on everyone's phone.
  4. Name: Joshua Menendez Age + DOB: 18 | 30/06/1999 Steam 64ID: 76561198052640633 Reasons why we should accept you (100 words min): I've been apart of countless roleplay communities previously to PsiSyn, some of which have been strictly roleplay orientated and others more gun-play so i'm quite familiar on how things operate. I can already tell that this new mission will be quite heavy in the RP and that's where I see myself as being a valuable candidate, even on Malden, roleplay was pretty much non existent but I'd always try to milk every scenario for RP. Throughout PsiSyns ups and downs i've always been a supporter of the community right from the beginning, setting up both PD/EMS, helping members out with tech issues, assisting with development and simply offering my advice. Backstory (100 words min in RP): text2speechbackstory.mp3 Back in the 1990's, Lakeside Valley, my county, was going through some violent times as gangs ran the majority of the city, at the time I was only 21 years old freshly trained to enforce law, following my fathers footsteps who was the acting Chief Of Police. In 1995, on a Sunday morning I had the Morrison patrol route when a panic button was triggered, seconds after, an immediate 10 78 was shouted over the radio, coming from the Chief's Vehicle's Radio device. Arriving on scene I see a thug with a mac 10, flee on foot, I glance over to the police cruiser and see my father laying there with two bullet wounds in his chest. Medics arrive but nothing can be done, his wounds were fatal and that day we lost a good police officer and my dad. CID identified the shooting as a hit by a gang known as the Narcos. Years later, I work my way up in the police force, to joining SWAT, becoming OOHR Command and running my own department. Finally an opportunity was visible to run the police department and I knew this would be the perfect time to act against the gangs whom were involved in my fathers murder. Many colleagues recognized my talents and voted me in as the Chief Of Police. While ACTING Chief, I vowed to use all my resources in countering gang violence and most of all avenging my fathers death. We preformed over 120 raids on the Narco Gang, seizing millions of dollars worth of weed along with some heavy black market weaponry. During all the raids, we found the identity of the killer who was known as Vito Narco. Turns out he fled to Malden, a gang infested shit hole. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do as it was out my jurisdiction. 3 months later, out of pure luck I received an email of the Government of Malden requesting I be appointed Commissioner to assist with the structure of the local Police and Medical departments. I couldn't resist as this was the only chance I would get to catch Vito. A few months into my office, it was going well, gangs started to migrate away as they knew who I was back in Lakeside. During a patrol in leport I pull a back SUV for having a smashed window, while talking to the driver on the sidewalk, I glance over to the road and my eyes connected to a fat cunt on a moped scooter *CLICK*, that's Vito Narco. He whips out his Mac 10 and starts lighting me up, the driver of the SUV was gunned down and I managed to get into cover. I press my panic and pull my glock from my holster, and engage Vito who at this time was off his scooter and behind a road barrier, gunshots are exchanged with one civilian down, he manages to clip my leg while spraying a burst in my direction. Luckily for me, my panic button saved my life as 5 police cars flew round the corner and surrounded Vito. Vito had no choice but to surrender but still decided to run, good thing he gained hella weight, I deployed my taser and he flopped causing the ground to shake. Many months after the capture of Vito Narco, it was discovered that he was broken out of jail and fled to crystal shores, this is where I start my mission..... Have you had any previous bans? No If yes, what for? (Please provide your ban message too): No Have you read and understood our rules? Yes
  5. I'm not dead, i'm just taking a break from the community and i'll most likely return for when the new map is out. For Message to those who've been wondering

    1. Ajax Tiberius

      Ajax Tiberius

      Never want to see you again after this, our divorce papers are in and I'm taking the summer house + the dog.


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