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  1. Name: Jack Wang Age: 17 Steam 64ID: 76561198107479503 Reasons why we should accept you (100 words min): I have many reasons why I should be aloud to be accepted into crystal shores. First off I am a great role player, I am great as taking place as a character in any life mod or any role play game like this. Over the past 3 and a half years I have been complimented for my great role play and have been accepted into police forces and communities. My second reason why I should be apart of crystal shores would be that I am a great player who does not often break rules in and type of game. I do not like to break rules because it effects other players experiences in the game because of a person who doesn't read or follow the rules. These are my reasons why I should be allowed to play on the crystal shores server. Backstory (100 words min in RP): I was born into a very poor family, we were living off of well fare in the city of Detroit. I had two brothers Nicholas and Drew. We were not the smartest of kids since our parents abused us and didn't care about how we did in school. We got into fights and got suspended and expelled from a few schools. But later in life we wanted to help our family out by getting a job. Since we weren't the smartest we made really really bad decisions, we decided to go to the criminal life. We sold drugs, got into trouble with the police, terrorized the citizens of Detroit by robbing them and taking hostage people for money from the popo. After being arrested hundreds of times we decided to create a company that goes by our last names Wang, Wang Corp. Our company was about making lots of illegal money by selling drugs and protecting people from police or someone that was after them. Soon later our company started to crumble because our men and woman were being arrested and we couldn't find anyone to take their places. We ended up shutting down this business and so me and my brothers ended up in crystal shores where lots of crime takes place. We talked and said to each other," this is where we begin all over again." Have you had any previous bans? Nope If yes, what for? (Please provide your ban message too): Have you read and understood our rules? Yes


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