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    Bounty Hunter/PMC Roles

    The thing u quoted was just saying what a bounty hunter is, it's not the fact that they can't get in but people might want to role-play a bounty hunter without getting arrested like you just said that you would arrest us. Staff logic = Create a suggestion forum, go to the forum, see suggestion, call it dribble. Won't even listen to suggestions, whats the point in having a suggestion forum? Because I don't know. (No disrespect, I don't understand why you created this forum TBH)
  2. Client

    Bounty Hunter/PMC Roles

    "listen to the community" how funny.
  3. Client

    Bounty Hunter/PMC Roles

    What about a bounty hunter role? They would work for the police and wear distinct clothing. They would be allowed takers and cuffs and maybe a low end pistol used for protection, they hunt down wanted suspects and turn them in (so they will probably be able to access who is wanted and that is about it). now here are some ideas about joining: - A civilian MUST NOT have any previous run ins with the police, unless it has been for a ticket but any major crimes you won't be able to become a bounty hunter. - They must go through a training course (to the discretion of the police about how long that will be), maybe even have a document in discord or something saying what all the rules are etc. - They must have a bounty hunter licence which maybe expensive as it promotes them to actually do their job and not just join to be corrupt - Make it against the rules to be a corrupt bounty hunter ???? Maybe or maybe not. Roleplay: A bounty hunter is someone who cannot get into the police force but still wants to help out however he/she can. Rules (in game) about the vigilante job ( rules can be added/removed to this list to the discretion of the pd): - Must not get in police way. - Must declare that they are a bounty hunter when trying to catch criminals. - Must have a license - They must always wear the designated clothing. - Must not use lethal force if not needed. - add to this as you will...


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