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  1. Pepe Travarez

    Bill Cosby - Staff Application - NA

    Can confirm ^
  2. Pepe Travarez

    Random ban

    You need to go to the infistar discord and talk to the people there, the "you were banned" message cannot be resolved on our end
  3. Pepe Travarez

    An idea

    Resetting everything means the people that maxed out have something to do, but the people still on their way to maxing out will be pissed off. Additionally, I believe it would bring more RP, people will have to find new ways to make money from literally nothing, e.g. gas station robberies - inducing more RP, and in my opinion all the people that are 'maxed out' have no purpose or idea on what to do next other than to make gun fights. Option 2 all the way.
  4. Pepe Travarez

    Rule Suggestion

    Let's look back to what it was before the traffic stop rule was implemented. Cops just wanted to pull you over and get some RP going, ask why your speeding and such. Before they could even talk to you, as soon as the sirens go on you book it. A car chase ensues and it just goes on until you crash, cops / you initiate on each other, shoot shoot people die and no RP. Now, with the traffic stop rule, you have to pull over and at the very least start RP, then at that point, you can leave. Let's look at the rule a bit more. Police officer will decide to pull you over for a number of reasons, I.E suspicious activity, illegal area, etc. < You have to comply You pull over to the side of the road and wait Police officer(s) get out of their vehicle and walk up to your vehicle Police officer(s) will speak to you, they can question you or ask you to hop out of your vehicle if they have reasonable suspicion < Starting RP At this point, you have two choices, you may comply and hop out, OR you can choose to flee in your car. You must have a valid reason to flee, I.E wanted, illegal items < Book it or RP. I don't know what to say other than it is encouraging more RP, you can still get the gunfight either way but the rule was implemented to encourage more RP
  5. Pepe Travarez

    Rule Suggestion

    so you're saying that if you had a gun pointed at you when you were in a car, they had a clear line of sight and was aiming at your head, you jump out and because you kill him that's valuing your life? that makes 0 sense. Additionally, with the new traffic stop rule and changes, they are on the route for making it more of a roleplay server not just shoot shoot COD style, so I am 100% sure this rule won't be changed.
  6. Pepe Travarez

    Rule Suggestion

    how does that make any sense? how is it valuing your life if someone is threatening it?
  7. Pepe Travarez

    Rule Suggestion

    If you have a gun to your head and you jump out of the vehicle or pull your own gun then that's NVL. If you win the fight or not, it's still ridiculous to try and make that not a rule break?
  8. Pepe Travarez

    Rule Suggestion

    A number of factors could affect how the gunfight goes, but if you have a gun to you no matter what you should value your life and comply with what they say. Making it not a rule break if you win the gunfight is ridiculous. -1
  9. Pepe Travarez

    Fix cop gear

    sponge.exe +1
  10. Pepe Travarez

    Suggestions For Lakeside

    1. It would split the community in 2 and with all the updates and changes recently I don't think it's such a smart idea at the moment. 2. Definitely. maximum 8 i'd say. 3. Maybe not remove them, but definitely reduce max slot amount. 4. Definitely. Would love to see something like this done. 5. If they are promoting roleplay and not being stupid, for sure. None of these points are too irrational, but the general population of the server is after a more call of duty kind of server. I definitely think your ideas will improve the server and I hope that some get implemented.
  11. Pepe Travarez

    Malden Or Lakeside Vote

    please just stop this before it gets too out of hand, we have had lakeside less than a week lets just see how we are in a months time atleast?
  12. you would be surprised how many tech support cases we would get within 10 minutes of it going on google drive
  13. to everyone complaining about speeds on a3s - it's because everyone is downloading at once. there's nothing anyone can do to improve your speed just wait it out or download it at another time, people complained when it was google drive because they didn't know how to drag and drop a file so now we have an "easier" method but people still complain.
  14. It definitely feels like as soon as we get somewhere that's actually decent and people can adapt to it, people always complain. Of course, there isn't going to ever be 100% of the community with one opinion but it's getting a bit annoying to see major change so frequently because some people don't like change.
  15. Pepe Travarez

    Exile Server Release - REDONE

    use the arma 3 sync REPO to download the rest of the file, as said above you only downloaded half the modpack is a modded Arma 3 life server. This website is not affiliated or authorized by Bohemia Interactive a.s. Bohemia Interactive, ARMA, DAYZ and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s.

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