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  1. Cole Muffenz

    Increasing RP Rules Change

    Civs cannot interfere with a traffic stop if they are not one of the parties involved in the traffic stop (ex: random gang driving up and initiating on police while they are performing a traffic stop)
  2. Cole Muffenz

    New Rule Regarding Initiation

    Initiation ends on your side when you no longer present a threat (ex: putting your gun on your back or in your backpack, or jumping in a vehicle)
  3. Cole Muffenz

    EMS Night vision

    I'm not even EMS but u guys should definitely get the earpieces like cops have
  4. Cole Muffenz

    Cops not being able to open doors in PD

    Yea I had a keycard and couldn’t open any gates or doors in DOC. I had to have a Lt open some gates for me lmao
  5. Cole Muffenz

    Police being able to id people without restraining them

    We can check the registration of vehicles and the licenses of the vehicle’s driver without restraining them. However we have to restrain to checklicenses outside of vehicles so I think this would be a good option, it would probably function the same way as the check licenses feature but without the restraints
  6. Cole Muffenz

    Cop Slots

    First off, a large amount of cops are at DOC and of those they are usually cadets, which cant transfer and usually have pistols or an m16 with 3 round burst and no sights. Second, DOC are not allowed to leave DOC unless its a very bad situation or there's enough DOC to send some on patrol where the entirety of DOC isn't cadets. DOC is mainly Officers and Cadets, and theres usually like 5-10 cops there, plus whatever cops are there from other jurisdictions possibly helping out or processing criminals themselves. Then there comes the issue of guns. Gangs don't realize that the MAJORITY of cops are under the rank of Sgt. Cpl and below have only 5.56, it takes quite a few bullets to kill gang members with vests using 5.56. In addition to this, gang members posses higher caliber weapons than the majority of the police force, which kill cops fairly easy, usually 1-3 hits and we die. So by saying a bunch of cops roll up to you and you have an m4a6 that pierces through us like a hot knife through butter and we have 5.56 that does way less damage is not a valid argument. By the time you die, you would have probably killed a decent amount of cops. Please take into account all factors when you speak.
  7. Cole Muffenz

    Morphine doesnt sync when you leave

    it happens on cop and civ, no idea why
  8. Cole Muffenz

    Cop Slots

    when we had the 30 or so slots before for the server when it 150 max slots that one day, it was perfect. There was almost always a free cop slot. Do 30 slots and like 4 reserved for command
  9. cops still spawn with telebat


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