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  1. Your In-Game name: Jason Matthew Your SteamUID64: 76561198100998817 Your age: 22 (07-10-1995) Your Date Of Birth: October 7th 1995 What time zone are you in?: GMT+1 When was your forum profile created?: December 29th 2017 How long have you been apart of the PsiSyn community?: Since the day I registered my account Why do you want to join Long Creek Sheriff Office?: (100 words min) : I've been playing life mods since the very start of the life scene, started out with the early alpha of Arma3Life in June 2014 and have been an Officer since the very start. My interest has always been with the Law Enforcement side and not the Civilian side. I like the communication, coöperation and just the general flow of gameplay. I would very much like to join the LCSO and enjoy the law enforcement life scene once again. I'm not in it for the gunfights, I'm in it for things like pursuits or just general traffic patrolling. For that reason I'd like to join the LCSO. What about Long Creek Sheriff Office is most interesting to you?: I'd just very much like to get back into the Life scene as a cop. Please give us a brief description about yourself (50 words min) : I'm a person who likes to do stuff the right way, rather look like an idiot then risk looking like a complete fool. I like to take stuff seriously and and live up to expectations. I'm also a patient person, I rather take things slow and do it correctly, then quickly wrap it up and be done with it. What skills do you have that will benefit the Sheriffs Office most(50 min)?: I'm a very experienced Life scene Police Roleplayer and I hope to bring my roleplaying skills to the LCSO. Other then that I think I'm a good atribute as I'm not someone who's in it for the thrill of a gunfight, I'm in it for the thrill of going through a situation or helping one, even if it's not that exciting. Do you have any experience in Law Enforcement? If so please state your previous ranks and what you have done: A3L: I first ranked myself up to Sergeant within the Patrol Department, I then switched departments to the then newly created Detective Unit and started out as a Junior Detective, and ranked myself up to Lieutenant. I then wanted to transfer back to Patrol and became a Sergeant once again. I then joined Traffic as one of the first people to join the then newly created Traffic Task Force (this was around the time that all the different departments were still being created) and started as a Sergeant., within this department I ranked myself up to Lieutenant and then stayed there for a very long time until my resignation. Psisyn: I've been a Sergeant for a little while as I was instated into this rank, this didn't last long as the server died not much later. Do you understand that State Command reserve the right to terminate your contract with the Sheriffs Office at any given time with or without reason?: Yes


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