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  1. Steve Cosma

    Medical Custody

    maybe give us some suggestions instead of saying “ITS SCUFFED!!111” pd is doing its job, same with ems. this is NOT a serious roleplay server like silverlake.
  2. Steve Cosma

    New Rule : Please!

    i dont think a server rule is nessecary. illegal activity is easy enough to do as it is
  3. Steve Cosma

    GMOD Server with TFR Voip like old SantosRP

    haha because lets use a broken source engine thats over 10 year old and throw gspeak and mods into it, right? as someone who personally helped develop santosrp as a community, please dont waste the time.
  4. Steve Cosma

    Please add WESTERN trucks

    because where the cars were made matter, right? your on a united states island that struggles with massive gang activity. im suprised they get any shipments of vehicles at all for civs tbh
  5. Steve Cosma

    Add DOJ / change police processing

    no thanks -1
  6. Steve Cosma

    Bounty Hunters

    haha, go back to olympus/asylum bud!
  7. Steve Cosma

    Suggestion - The Purge Night

    server has enough robbery and pvp as it is. with the new rule changes coming to robbery and such, theres going to be PLENTY of crime for civs to commit. hell, there already is now. big -1 as its just going to be a rdm fest on any random chosen time. would be absolute chaos.
  8. Steve Cosma

    Malden Life Rule Suggestion

    sigh. call me a stickler shit "YOU ONLY WANT MONEY" roleplayer, but civs should be allowed to rob someone for ANY reason. lewis himself said in one of his videos that malden is supposed to be focused on pvp with roleplay mixed in. a strange +1 that i never expect i woulda gave tbh.
  9. Steve Cosma

    NEW PD

    i actually really, really like that fucking pd design. it would be sick if we were able to send people to jail in the back holding cells. great work! +1
  10. Steve Cosma

    Malden Life - Rule Suggestion

    "vehicle spawn points"
  11. Steve Cosma

    Malden Life - Rule Suggestion

    Make the only safezones the immediate spawn area and 15 meters within atms. Garages (vehicle spawn points) should NOT be safezones in any way, shape, or form.
  12. Steve Cosma

    Malden - Suggestions (Thread)

    solid suggestions! i agree.
  13. Steve Cosma

    Malden Suggestion

    nope! thats grinding for you. money is easy enough as it is.
  14. Steve Cosma

    Rule Suggestion - Spike Strips

    +1. completely agree
  15. Steve Cosma

    Economy Suggestion

    then do lumber; whats stopping you? weapons should be expensive as obviously there aiming to maintain a high quality roleplay server and not a rdm fest it used to be. my two cents.


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