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    Sander Boterham - Support Application

    What is your Roleplay name?: Sander Boterham Age: 16 DOB: 14/03/2001 Tell us about yourself: I'm Sander Boterham, I've been apart of this community since the beginning. I really love the play on the server with my friends. I have been playing Arma 3 for 1300+ hours and have been on many different communities. I still love to play the game and meet more people while playing Arma. I'm still doing school and I have a job. So maybe sometimes I'm busy with school. Timezone: GMT +2 Why do you wish to be in the support team? I want to be on the Support Team because I want to help people when they have questions or they need help with something. May it be an issue of the game or an issue that is outside the game (revolving around Teamspeak/Website). I want to help other people by telling the person everything and clearly, so they can understand how to do it in the future if it does happen again. I want to help the best I can for the members of the community so it makes it fun to play on this server. And that's why I want to join the Support Team. What makes you stand out over other applicants? Don't Really want to big myself up in this question but I guess my activity in the community. I love to help others that need help and be friendly to people. I think that this is a major part of the role because support team members need to offer fast support as they are the front line of the staff command. So, they need to be active /fast to respond to people waiting for support. I believe thought, that I have the skills that you need to be a support team member for example knowledge using TeamSpeak, A3sync, etc. In your mind, what would be the role of support? To have Good integrity is very important when you are a staff member for many reasons, here are some of them. First off the staff member needs to be good and well mannered so they can help the person who needs it as fast as they can to help the support flow smoothly. They also need to be Mature so they don’t screw around and delay the support queue. This is a very basic set of rules that are easy to follow and can keep the server flow smoothly. Now the primary reason support is used is to help make sure that bad RP and RDM etc can’t get into the server and screw it up and make people leave because of the fail rp that happens in the server. They also give compensation if they are killed unfairly and have lost gear. This is very important to keep the server healthy and clean. Bad staff can lead to bad RDM judgment and people not getting the justice they deserve. Also it creates a gap between the word of the community and the staff and developers. And that is what we need to avoid. What skills can you bring to the support team? -Past experience from Tech Support. - A friendly and social face who is fun to work with. -Hard working person (I think). What do you want to achieve while in the support team? I would just like to achieve good recognition for my work. Have you ever been banned/given warning points? If so, what for? No Do you have any past experience within a support or staff role? Techsupport


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