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  1. PsiSyn

    "You were banned"

    I mean I guess Fini had a good idea, instantly ban people with edited pbo/files, but obviously this means an innocent person who isn't updated also gets banned. Good idea, but clearly not thought through too well XD
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick write up on the current situation with the PsiSyn ARMA 3 server community, since some pretty big stuff happened today. Before you say "b-b-but Lewis, you left", yeah, and Repentz is currently away "on vacation". So I feel it's only right to step in, since the community is still ultimately under our name. About 2 weeks ago, you might have noticed the store section for Exile was removed from our site. This was due to Chernarus 2035 and another addon not allowing us to monetize, Bohemia requested that we stop monetizing it, so we did. Exile was operating purely based off of server donations at this point. With our total server costs looking around $500 ($150 for Exile box, $150 for Life, and $195 for website, repo and TS), that's fine, the Life server would cover the unreliability of donations. A similar process has struck the Life server today, the addon in question being Task Force Radio. That's right, the addon every ARMA 3 Life server has used for years. A contributer to the TFR code named Dedmen has shown distaste towards our mistake of not requesting monetization permission for TFR on our server for months now. This was our (Repentz and I) mistake, due to not honestly even realized permission was required, since the above statement "the addon every ARMA 3 Life server has used for years" made it seem like it simply was not. Since Dedmen shows this distaste due to our ignorance, as of today, like I said, the monetization for the Life server must also go, since until there is a solution for the TFR problem (we do have a few options being worked on), we cannot monetize the Life content. We have tried cooperate with Bohemia to the best of our ability (although it has been ALL done through Repentz' email, so I don't know the ins and outs), so if this issue is resolved, then the monetization will be reinstated. The original creator of TFR (NKey) has no issue with the monetization of his mod from people, but also is not willing to say "I permit" or "I don't permit", so alas, since Dedmen did indeed contribute SOME code (I honestly don't know how much, but NKey is still the person who made the core TFR code I'm sure), he gets to decide who does and doesn't monetize the mod. If he doesn't like you, you're shit out of luck. I again apologize to Dedmen for not seeking out permission at an earlier date, ignorance isn't a very good excuse for this, but it's all I have. What does this mean for you, as a player? Not much, all prior perks are still activated, and if people need help with any prior perks, staff is still there to help. The store items will be removed for the time being, and the server will simply operate from donations for the time being. Obviously in the short term, this does mean Repentz and other higher ups (not me) have some scary decisions to make! If you have any questions, go ask a higher up staff member (not me please, I'm just here to write essays). No, the server is not shutting down, and no, this isn't that big of a deal (at least in my opinion), bumps in the road happen. Thanks, Lewis
  3. PsiSyn

    New major rule change

    The point is, it adds a level of interaction past "stop and die"!
  4. Right, because everyone running around with assault rifles is great!
  5. PsiSyn

    Selective Player Base

    What? If a rule is broken, the player is punished, I don't understand this topic.
  6. There's a gun store with pistols for $10k, how will there "be no gun fights" because ARs are more expensive?
  7. PsiSyn

    Rust - /remove

    Do you have a link to this addon?
  8. No one said there is a 750k max. We just don't want EVERYONE on the server running around with ARs. Is it fun short term? Yes. But I think lower end combat with roleplay being a big part of that is more fun in the long term. All of the best servers I've played through my years have had ARs which are hard to obtain.
  9. We want to encourage lower end gun fights, go buy a pistol/shotgun from the gun store.
  10. What update are you referencing? Because the balance right now seems to make it so everyone uses ARs or nothing at all.


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