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  1. When will the prices change for drugs and the item for the evidence locker like Lewis stated? Thanks for these updates btw! Looking awesome with great new features to explore.
  2. Agree with every single thing besides [ADDED] Evidence Locker Robbery (You will now need a code cracker to open it up) This one is soo shitty. The previous evidence locker was in an edgy location, I get that. But the location change already made it 10x harder if not more (it is on the 2nd floor + behind a door where cops come every 10 minutes). Also with the new jail which is basically a fort it is unnecessary for the locker to only be opened with a timer. It is just an extra struggle + money which is definitely not worth it. For example, the bank isn't located in a jail where up to 5-10 cops are all the time. The location is what makes this major crime a very very difficult one to pull off, also given the fact that cops barely give you any free passage, if at all. So let's say you succeed, how the hell will you get away with a trunk full of weapons. Unnecessary barrier this one is given the changes that are already put in place. I would suggest removing the script so you can just open it without having to have a shitty code cracker. Location is what makes this heist one of the most difficult ones, not needed to even put this heist in a more disadvantage.


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