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Johnny Arnett

Johnny Arnett - Support Application

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  • Your name
    Corey Arnett (IGN - Johnny Arnett )
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Tell us about yourself
    I'm 20-years-old, Single parent of a 2-years-old girl and also in College to become a Veterinary Tech.
  • Timezone
  • Do you have any past experience in a support position, in this community or another?
    I was a Moderator for Outback Gaming, which shares a lot of the same duties like the mods for Psisyn.
  • Why do you wish to be part of our support team?
    I want to be part of the support team so I can further my experience in the PSI community by for-filling a role that I can contribute to that will help (support) the community in any way possible. I also want to take this role so I can have some personal enjoyment from helping newcomers in the community which, helping new members is something I have always enjoyed doing when I have been a member of staff or support in other communities. I want to be apart of a very close and successful community that I can have a place to assist in when needed to help put my portion of effort into growing the community. Another big factor would be taking into consideration the number of issues people have day to day which I am sure still with the numbers of support there are, it becomes very hard to control on some days; that being said I wish to help take some weight of the current supports shoulders and assist the members of the community as fast and reliable as possible. Finally, my goal is to become a member of the staff team and by having that goal I must do a number of tasks to get there, and this is one of them that will give me the experience I will need for when I get the opportunity to become a staff member.
  • What makes your application different from others?
    One reason that makes me stand out from the other applications is my determination to perform at a high standard and have the dedication to not just playing the server but assisting the members of the community in their troubles. Another reason would be my personality being very mature and understanding, I like to consider myself as extremely patient which will understandably be very helpful when for-filling the support role. A big thing with being apart of the support team is being able to manage the issues people are having which I believe I am able to do with skill but also dedication which I believe some other applicants will not able to show. My final reason would be my previous experiences of being a staff member/support member in other communities which I believe those experiences have given me some strengths that I will be able to use while being apart of this community. This is why I believe I stand out from the other applications.
  • In your opinion, what is the role of the support team?
    My role would be to help those people who have any questions or queries to do with the server or need help with any game issues. I if I am able to assist or advice on the issue then my job would be to do so, if not then I would ask other support members to see if they have encountered anything like it before. Being a support member you also need to be active a lot to be there to help those in need and to devote enough time to the team as there is always a job to be done within this role. Also within your role, you need to be ready for everything and be on standby always.
  • What skills can you bring to the support team?
    Fluent Speaking (No Stuttering).
    - Creating Documents (Docs representing different staff ideas/rosters).
    - Patience (Not getting hot-headed too quick).
    - Good Understanding Of ArmA III.
    - Good Understanding Of TeamSpeak.
  • What do you aim to achieve as a member of the support team?
    I want to be an approachable and helpful individual within the community who everyone knows they can go to when they need help. I also aim to improve and develop within the community to be able to help more and further within the community.
  • Have you ever received warning points or being banned from this community?
  • Do you understand that even if your application is accepted, you are not guaranteed a position on our team?
  • Do you agree that if you are successful in the interview, that on most days you will have limited access to the game as you are giving up your time voluntarily to help others requiring assistance?

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Johnny Arnett

Thank you for your interest in joining the Support Team here at PsiSyn.

Unfortunately, after reviewing your application I have come to the decision to reject your application.
My reasoning behind this is that your DOB is different from your profile and the age does not match up to your DOB.

You may reapply on the 6th of May

Reed Jacobson

Support Team Lead

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