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Pashion Raku

Questions & Suggestions

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Vehicles Explode or not?

A lot of Air Crafts or rare?

Real TIme Updated Economy or Fixed Prices?

Balanced Vehicles that go with the terrain or more sports cars than modern cars or other?

Drop Inventory when going down or keep everything when you go down and then lose everything if you die?

All virtual items or real times or mixed between real and virtual.

Balanced Distance between farms and processing or VERY long distance between farms and processing?

Cops only carry pistols on them but in gunfights, they can take some sort of shotgun or low tier rifles out from their car or Cops be carrying riles with them always?

Cops Vehicles are balanced and not OP or Cop Vehicles are OP and can go up a 90-degree hill going 100km/h? 

Ragdoll Body or not?

No restraints like no pixel or have to buy restraints?

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Lockable Houses or not able to lock your home doors?

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These are not confirmed things its just what i think.


1. Yes

2.  Not too many but not too few

3. Real time, if you sell alot of x y or z then the prices of that go down whilst the counterpart to that goes up.

4. Don't see why we can't have both?

5. Keep it if you go down lose it if you die, don't see why your inventory should be dropped if you go down, will just give people less reasons to rp when doing robberies as they can just kill the person to get that persons things.

6. Mixed 

7. Balanced distances, want to have money making being not too much of a waste of time but not too quick so you make milions in minutes.

8. I don't care when cops carry what gun as long as they don't always use the biggest they have, but on the other hand they should not have to retreat to get a bigger gun should they get engaged by rifles. 

9. Both factions get well balanced vehicles? Unsure why you only mention cop vehicles. 

10. Ragdoll as in you fall over when you die? If so then yes, if you mean that you fall over should you go down a hill that is too steep then no, broken feature makes for less fun gameplay as you will constantly fall over due to arma.

11. Buy restraints as always, makes for more roleplay than having to force the person to drop their things or having everyone always being able to restrain, not that fun. 

12. Don't see why you should not be able to lock your house, would make houses worthless if anyone could just walk in at anytime.


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