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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby - Staff Application - NA

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InGame/TS Name: IG: Bill Cosby
Age:  16
Location/Timezone?:  US East Coast
Why do you wish to become a Staff Team Member? (At least 200 words): It would be a great honor to be given the position of Trial Staff. I wish the become trail staff because I love to meet new people and to be a helpful person to everyone's needs help in the community, There are some goals I wish to achieve if I get the position main goal I want to achieve is ability to help make this community a better place where it is cancer/toxic free, One of my side goals is to also help players thought there cases and ensuring that they are handled properly and with care. Over my time with PsiSyn I have gathered a complete understanding of the rules and can ensure that I would be able to accurately moderate cases and help the players settle their differences. Being allowed to be Trial Staff would be an amazing opportunity to help strengthen my weakness and I would love to help out this community as much as I possibly can. I have made sure to learn and gain knowledge in the support part of PsiSyn before I applied for the Staff team and I feel that I definitely have the knowledge of becoming a trial staff and to use those powers to make this community a better place for everyone!
What makes you stand out from other applicants? (At least 100 words): I believe I would be an excellent choice over other applicants due to my large amount of hard work and dedication that I have shown toward PsiSyn. I have lots of free time and I am a friendly person and I am really easy to get along with. I love organizing things in a proficient manner. I like to keep everything up to date. I am a really unbiased person when it comes to situations that are placed before me. I am never one to get agitated and I handle all situations that come my way in a calm and professional manner. My main goal in life is to make sure everyone is happy.
Name your biggest strength and your biggest weakness (At least 75 words): My main strengths are that I am very fast when it comes to learning things, experience and maturity, I like to make sure I learn the important parts of the information of the case or whatever I'm working on and that is why I have a basic understanding when it comes to the rules, I also make sure every situation ends with the best outcome possible to make sure everyone leaves happy or with necessary punishment. My weakness is that I suck at technical stuff at all times, but I know the basics but when it comes to the more in-depth I need help. 
What do you think we can improve on within the staff team? as a staff team, u can improve on things such as dealing with people quicker as at times people have to wait really long for whatever they need.
Do you have any warnings/bans on your record?: No
Have you ever had any issues with anyone from the staff team? (Feel free to go in detail): No
How long have you been a part of PsiSyn for?:  Around December Proof

Roughly how many hours a week can you be online?:  every day unless i get this job.
Do any staff members recommend you?  No
Anything extra you would like to add?:  No

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On Hold

@Sanna Rebel , Your application is currently being placed On Hold due to all Trial Staff slots being full.

Kind Regards,

Siquan - Senior Administrator

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@Bill Cosby, you have been invited to participate in an interview.


Join the "TS Interview Waiting Room" where a member of SLT will conduct your interview.

You have until July the 22th to complete your interview.

It is on a first come, first serve basis.

Joseph Siquan - Senior Administrator

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